Online Learning

Distance Learning - Online Courses and More

Distance Learning involves course instruction offered via various technologies. These options allow students to take courses at their convenience or at sites near their home or work.

Distance Learning options include:

Programs that are offered entirely online

Online courses

If you have access to a computer with an internet connection that meets the minimum computer requirements, you can take advantage of the convenience of online courses. These courses are geared to adult learners who want flexibility in their schedules. More than 400 online courses are offered in business, computer technologies, health occupations, liberal arts, technology and applied sciences, and more.

  • Assignments and coursework are sent through Blackboard.
  • You can access the coursework at your convenience.
  • Instructors may recommend specific times for online chats on subject matter. This gives you the capability to communicate with other students and the instructor.
  • You do not attend an actual classroom session.
  • Completed assignments are submitted through Blackboard by designated due dates.
  • Campus time may be required for meetings or testing. This will be noted in the course information in INFOnline.

Requirement for Students Taking Online Courses

To help our students succeed, all students who register for an online course for the first time at MATC will be required to complete the Online Student Readiness course (COMPUB-798), which provides skill development on a number of topics that are essential to online learning success. Subject areas include working with Blackboard, INFOnline, MyMATC and Gmail, time management and online learning best practices. The course is self-paced, takes between 4.5-5 hours to complete, does not have to be completed in one session and costs $4.50.

Fees are subject to change.

This course is available now . See current semester course availability in INFOnline.

If you have questions or would like more information, please contact MATC's Distance Learning Office at

If you are interested in pursuing an online course:

  • Take this self assessment to ensure that online courses are for you.
  • View all Online Courses currently available by using the "Search for Classes" option. Add the following three items to narrow your search: Select the semester you are interested in, Select Online from the Course Type, use the "Online Only" option and add the Subject of the course from the drop-down menu.
  • Register for an online course.
  • Review the Orientation to Online Learning in Blackboard.

  • Online tools available when you are enrolled in online courses:
  • Blackboard
    • A Learning Management System where students can access many of the online courses, course content (such as syllabuses, assignments and quizzes), and their MATC web-based email.
  • MATC web-based email
  • Blackboard Support


For more information: 414-297-7986 or

ITV courses

ITV (Interactive Television) courses provide access to instruction at two or more campus locations via television and telephone.  This type of distance learning course is used for courses with low enrollments at more than one MATC campus or to increase student enrollment for courses that are unique to one specific campus location.  ITV provides flexibility and convenience in course offerings which allows you to choose a campus closer to home or work, yet fully participate in the regularly scheduled class. All ITV classes are broadcast in real time. There are two types or ITV courses:

  • Interactive Television One-Way Video
    Audio and visual signals are sent from the Downtown Milwaukee Campus (send site) to any of the other three campuses, or any other location that has been appropriately equipped (receive site). Participants at the receive sites ask questions or make comments through an elaborate telephone system.
  • Interactive Television Two-Way Video
    This technology is a telecommunications system which allows for two-way audio and two-way video transmissions. These sessions can originate from any campus location and be shared with the three other locations. Outside facilities that have compatible systems can also receive or send information to the college via this technology. At MATC this alternative delivery technique is used to deliver courses that require active interaction between the instructor and the participants at multiple locations.
  • When viewing classes in INFOnline, all ITV courses end in "LS" in the section number of the Course name (for example, MDRAFT-385-800LS ).

For more information: 414-297-6840 or

If you have questions or would like more information, please contact MATC's Distance Learning Office at

For more information on the Distance Learning options: 414-297-7986 or

MATC is part of the Wisconsin Technical College System that delivers quality educational experiences to students through online courses.