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Ready to register online now? Students already enrolled in an MATC program can register by visiting Self Service and choosing "Student Planning." You can also search for classes before registering through INFOnline. Students who are taking classes at MATC but not in a program can register through INFOnline.

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Registration Overview

MATC is very excited to have you as a student. The following information will help you to prepare for registration once you have completed the application process. 

New to MATC? You can apply at 

MATC offers students 3 full semesters each year

Fall classes begin in August and end in December.
Spring classes begin in January and end in May.
Summer classes begin in June and end in July.

Registration Requirements

To register for classes, a student must:

  • Register via Self Service (for students in an MATC program) or INFOnline (In-person registrations are not currently an option while campuses are closed)  
  • Have a Photo ID to register in person at an Admissions Center (not currently available).
  • Not have an outstanding debt with the college.
  • Have met class pre-requisite requirements, if applicable.

Priority Registration

Continuing students may register during the Priority Registration period.
Newly admitted program students may register during Open Registration.
Students not accepted into a program may register during the Open Registration period. 

Service Members Priority Registration

2013 Wisconsin Act 56 gives Veterans and members of the armed forces priority in registering for courses at the University of Wisconsin System and Technical Colleges. Eligible service members include those who have served or who are serving on active duty under honorable conditions.

In accordance with the law MATC allows eligible service members (not including dependents) to priority registration.  More information is available on the Veteran's Priority Registration page.

Priority registration does not waive any course or program requirements, such as prerequisites and program restrictions. Courses are available on a first-come, first- served basis.



Some of these forms may be necessary depending on your student type. 

Academic Renewal Application (link) 

Authorization to Release Information (link)

Duplicate Diploma Order Form (link)

MATC Student Account Appeal (link)

Non-Program Registration Form (link)

Request to Prevent Disclosure of Directory Information (link)

Retention Alert Referral Form (link) 

Request for PS (Pass) LP (Low Pass) and NP (No Pass) Grade (link)
Students in Health Program classes (including general study classes) are not eligible to receive Pass (PS), Low Pass (LP), or No Pass (NP) grades.  A letter grade must be given.