Student Government

The Student Government is an important part of student life. A goal of the government is to represent all students.

Through each campus' Student Government elected representatives, students are free to make recommendations to the administration on any college issue. While the Student Government cannot make laws by its own action, its recommendations are given serious consideration by the administration.

Student Government meetings are typically held twice monthly but is also dependent on the bylaws that govern each specific campus's organization.

For more information, contact the specific campus' Student Government office or Student Life office. In addition please feel free to visit each individual Student Government offices.

Downtown Milwaukee Student Government (link)

Mequon Student Government (link)

Oak Creek Student Government (link)

West Allis Student Government (link)

District Student Government Association (DSGA)

The DSGA is a student group made up of the:

  • Current Presidents and Vice Presidents of the four student governments in the district
  • Three members-at-large from the Downtown Milwaukee Student Government and two members-at-large from the Mequon, Oak Creek and West Allis Student Governments
  • The ranking MATC student board member of the American Student Association of Community Colleges
  • The MATC Governor of the Wisconsin Student Government Association.

The organization meets at least once each month to coordinate recommendations on district legislation which addresses problems and concerns pertinent to students or education for the administration's consideration.

The board is also responsible for reviewing and confirming all student selections and appointments to any district, local, state or national committee, organization, and/or conference including the student representative to the district board.

A goal of this group is to open lines of communication between the district student body and the administration, creating a positive means for the resolution of student problems and the satisfaction of their needs.

For more information, please visit District Student Government Association page (link)