Dreamkeepers Emergency Grant

Dreamkeepers Emergency Financial Assistance Grant

Are you a student experiencing a financial emergency that could result in you leaving MATC?

MATC's Dreamkeepers program provides small emergency assistance grants (usually less than $500) to students who are experiencing a one-time, unexpected, unlikely to reoccur event that has caused a financial emergency and who has no other resources available. Examples include loss due to fire, theft or accident or a sudden, unavoidable interruption of income.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Be a Federal Pell Grant recipient in the term an emergency grant is requested. (Some exceptions may apply)
  • Have attended MATC for more than one semester (Some exceptions may apply).
  • Have a cumulative GPA of 2.00
  • Provide some form of documentation of the financial emergency - your college will guide you through this.

Examples of emergencies include:

  • Loss due to fire, theft or accident
  • Sudden, unavoidable interruption of income


How to Apply

Apply online at https://matc.dreamkeepers.org.

For questions, please call 414.297.6199 or email dreamkeepers@matc.edu