Computer Simulation and Gaming

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Program Information

  • Location: Downtown Milwaukee Campus, Online Campus
  • Pathway: Creative Arts, Design & Media
  • Program Code: 10-153-1
  • Offering: In-class, Online
  • Degree Type: 2-Year Degree (Associate)
  • Start Dates: August/January

About the Computer Simulation and Gaming Degree


Prepare for a career in animation and gaming, plus attain skills transferable to other industries such as computer programming, multimedia development and film production. Students have opportunities to focus on game design or programming.

Testers, designers and producers are in demand as the use of this technology increases rapidly. New games are continually in production, and computer simulations are used as educational and training tools in schools and businesses.

You can earn the Unity Developer technical diploma on the way to completing this associate degree.

Additional program details: This cross-discipline program is designed to create a work-like environment while teaching planning, design, development and testing of products. Gain skills in upcoming technologies, object-oriented programming concepts, computer software languages, creative design, modeling, teamwork and problem analysis. You will plan, create, produce and test simulations and games while understanding market applications, user ramifications and testing requirements.



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MATC’s unique facilities and the program’s innovative curriculum offer a comprehensive background in animation. Students have opportunities to learn about 2D animation and 3D animation. Portfolio reviews in several courses are designed to assist you in compiling work samples to show employers.

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Unity Developer

Make MATC your first choice for learning about 3D software. Through this program, you will develop the skills necessary to learn the Unity 3D software creation tool, which is used to develop simulations, video games, training programs and educational software.

Detailed Program Information

2024-25 Curriculum

Course Course Name Credits
CSG-110 Introduction to Computer Simulation and Gaming ^ 3
CSG-114 Introduction to Game Development/Programming ^
(or) CSG-131 Introduction to Game Design
CSG-115 CSG Production ^ 3
CSG-117 Game Logic and Problem-Solving ^ 3
ENG-195 Written Communication ‡
(or) ENG-201 English 1 ‡
CSG-118 Game Engine Scripting ‡ ^ 3
CSG-120 Interactive Display Production 1 ^ 1
CSG-127 Agile Project Management 3
CSG-128 Intermediate Game Development Programmer ‡ 
(or) CSG-133 Intermediate Game Design ‡
CSG-129 CSG Architecture ‡ 2
CSG-130 CSG Design ‡ 3
ENG-197 Technical Reporting ‡
(or) Any 200-level ENG course
CSG-179 CSG API Programming ‡ ^ 4
CSG-181 CSG Collaborative Lab ‡ 4
CSG-185 Data Structures for Game Developers ‡
(or) CSG-138 Advanced Game Design ‡
MATH-107 College Mathematics ‡ ^
(or) Any 200-level MATH course
PSYCH-199 Psychology of Human Relations
(or) Any 200-level PSYCH course
ANIM-160 Animation Portfolio ‡ 2
CSG-119 Designing Interactive Displays ‡ ^ 3
CSG-132 Artifcial Intelligence ‡ 3
CSG-180 Multimedia Collaborative Lab ‡ 3
SOCSCI-197 Contemporary American Society 
(or) Any 200-level SOCSCI course



‡ Prerequisite required.
^ Counts toward earning the Unity Developer technical diploma.

Program curriculum requirements are subject to change.

This Associate in Applied Science program will transfer to one or more four-year institutions.

Current MATC students should consult their Academic Program Plan for specific curriculum requirements. 

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Important Dates

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Program Outcomes

  • Create an animated asset for a product
  • Build assets suitable for export and/or rendering to target platforms
  • Apply fundamental artistic concepts to the 3D environment
  • Implement project management skills

Career Outlook

This degree is aimed at enhancing technical skills and preparing students for a broad range of jobs in rapidly changing technology fields. The use of this technology is widely accepted and increasing rapidly; for example, games are used as educational tools for training pilots, soldiers and surgeons, and in schools and businesses.

Game Designer
Game Programmer
App Developer
Project Manager

Admission Requirements

  • Demonstration of basic computer skills in OS, word processing and the internet



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Last updated: 03/22/2024