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Federal Work-Study Information

What is Federal Work-Study?

  • A Federal Work-Study (FWS) award on your Financial Aid Offer letter is an offer to get a part-time job through the Federal Work-Study program. The number of hours you are able to work per week is calculated using the following formula:  Award amount divided by 16 weeks divided by hourly pay.
  • Federal Work-Study is different from other types of financial aid because you do not receive Federal Work-Study monies until you locate a job and begin working.
  • An ideal Federal Work-Study position would be using the skills you are learning in your program at MATC.
View the Federal Work-Study jobs which are located on Handshake



  • Keeps educational loan borrowing to a minimum..
  • Job options both on and off campus. (More Info below)
  • Provides flexible scheduling around school schedules.
  • Provides an opportunity for students to gain meaningful experience in their field of study.
  • Money earned does not have to be repaid.

Work-Study Program Steps

Step 1

When completing your financial aid, make sure to select Federal Work-Study. Federal Work-Study funds will initially be distributed between students that have Federal Work-Study selected.

FWS Selection on the FAFSA:
Please note that students who do not indicate an interest in the Federal Work-Study program on their FAFSA are still eligible for work study. Students do not have to make a FAFSA correction to change their initial FWS question on the FAFSA from “no” to “yes.”

Step 2

Award Notification
  • You will know whether you have been awarded Federal Work-Study when you receive your financial aid award letter.
  • If your award letter does not include Federal Work-Study and you are interested in the program, please contact the MATC Financial Aid Office at 414-297-6282 or via e-mail at
  • As long as you are enrolled in a minimum of six credits and qualify, you would be awarded Federal Work-Study funds IF you were to obtain a Federal Work-Study job.

Step 3

Find available student employee job postings on the Handshake website. To apply to any current position please complete the MATC Student Employee Application by selecting here. Your application will be kept on file for any current or future job opportunities that match your profile.

Step 4

All student employees will participate in an online orientation and training which will include information on submitting time cards, work site expectations, college policies regarding student employees, and other related student employee information.



  • There are initial criteria that must be met to be eligible for FWS.
  • Must have unmet financial need.
  • Must be registered and enrolled in at least 6 financial aid eligible credits by any of the census dates. The census dates:


  • Once a student meets the FWS eligibility and has begun working, it is important to know all the requirements to maintain eligibility for FWS funds.
  • Must remain in at least 6 Financial Aid eligible credits.
  • Must have available work study for the semester. (determined by unmet need)
  • Reasons FWS funds may discontinue:
    • When awarded earnings are met
    • When notified by employer to cease working
    • If graduating and continue to enroll in courses the following semester(s)
    • If no longer eligible for Financial Aid

Work Location Options:

ON CAMPUS Employment: Opportunities for employment on campus include positions in counseling areas, bookstore, Admissions, Registration, Financial Aid, math/science area, computer science area, student activities and the gym. Job duties may include peer tutoring, clerical work and data entry.

OFF CAMPUS Employment: Consider using your Federal Work-Study dollars towards an internship experience.  MATC can partner with nonprofit organizations including hospitals, community centers, schools, and government offices to arrange off campus placements.  You must complete 1 full semester of on campus employment before you are eligible for off campus employment.

Contact the Student Employment Office to learn more about off campus employment opportunities at or 414-297-6244.


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