Honor Societies

Scholastic Honors Recognition Programs

Milwaukee Area Technical College (MATC) is committed to providing students with academic enrichment and scholastic recognition opportunities. Each year, the Office of Student Life (OSL) coordinates the implementation of programs that recognize students for their academic excellence and service to others.

Students notified via mail regarding eligibility are encouraged to research or obtain further information by clicking the active link(s) below. In so doing, students are provided an opportunity through the college to participate in honor societies and/or recognition programs as a result of their academic achievement.

For detailed information regarding opportunities to participate in various honor societies and/or scholastic achievement through the college, please click the appropriate links below. After thorough review of the information provided via the links below, more information may be obtained via honors@matc.edu.


*This competition requires an application, essay, and letter of nomination towards verification of community service to others.

**This competition requires the Profile Form and Essay accompanied by two letters of reference from Milwaukee Area Technical College Faculty.