Preparing for STORM

Welcome New and Returning Students!


What is STORM?

STORM is your online orientation experience that supports your onboarding, class registration and acclimation to MATC.

How to Prepare for STORM

Prior to attending STORM we encourage students to:

  • Connect with your Navigator: Make sure you have your To Do List checked off
  • Have you changed your temporary password?
  • Do you have access to your MATC email account?
  • Address technology needs: Connect with IT Help Desk if you need assistance 
  • Set aside at least an hour to review modules at your own pace and complete orientation. Pay close attention to the following modules:
    • What is Guided Pathway
    • Title IX, Public Safety, COVID-19, Campus Advocate
    • How to Purchase Books
    • How to Access Self-Service and Blackboard
    • How to Access Resources on Campus
  • Anticipate carving out time to meet with your Advisor and other campus partners (we want to make sure you are successful day one)
  • Get Ready to Meet Your Advisor

Ready for Orientation?

  1. Log on to: and complete your new student orientation
  2. Connect with your pathway for registration: