General EducationAL DEVELOPMENT (GED) Testing and HSED (High School Equivalency Diploma) 

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NOTE: Begining in 2014, new Exams tests were created and this version cancels all previous incomplete GED Exams scores. The change also affects the Spanish version of the GED Exams.

The GED 2014 Exams consists of four parts: through Language Arts (RLA), Mathematical Reasoning, Science, Social Studies, and a Civics Test.

Get Prepared for the GED/HSED

If you need preparation before taking the General Educational Development (GED) Exams, MATC offers classes to help you learn what you need to know.

Step 1: Complete the Online MATC Admissions application form.

Step 2: Make an appointment to take the Reading and Math TABE test at any of the following assessment centers. This academic screening is required for course placement.

Downtown Campus - By Appointment Only
Room M428

Mequon Campus - By Appointment Only
Room A110

Oak Creek Campus - By Appointment Only
Room A106
414-571-4711 or 414-571-4631

West Allis Campus- By Appointment Only
Room 138

Step 3: Email to make an appointment with an advisor to help you register for classes. There are also specific GED Preparation classes offered at MATC campuses during the day, evening and online. MATC also has classes at Community-Based Organizations (CBOs).

GED Orientation

After the TABE test, if you want to begin taking the GED/HSED exams, you must first complete MATC's GED/HSED Orientation and Career Planning course, CAREER-750. This workshop is a one-time session required by the State of Wisconsin. There is a cost for this workshop. It will explain what you need to know about taking the exams, completing diploma requirements, and career planning. You will receive a DPI form when you complete this workshop. Next you can contact any MATC testing center to complete a GED registration. You will need to bring your DPI form. 

Basic Skills

Basic Skills courses and classes at MATC's Adult High School can help you catch up on English, mathematics, science and social studies, no matter what your skill level. Basic Skills instruction is geared to those who do not have a high school diploma. Instruction levels range from grades 0-12.

Basic Skills subjects include reading, mathematics, science and writing.

GED en Español
Spanish-language courses are also offered at Walker's Square.

Courses are offered at all four MATC campuses and 35 Community-Based Organizations (CBOs) throughout metro Milwaukee.

Getting Started

For information about starting GED / HSED classes, contact

Walker's Square (GED and HSED in Spanish language): 414-302-2683


The following Community-Based Organizations offer services to help you transition to college-level work, in partnership with MATC:

Community-Based Organization Network

A network of more than 35 community-based programs provides basic skills instruction from the 0-12 grade level. MATC faculty provide English language instruction, native language literacy for Hmong/Lao and Spanish speakers, bilingual content instruction, GED assistance, and family literacy. These programs are located in many of the city's neighborhoods. For more information, call Dr. Brown at (414) 297-8661.




City, State and ZIP Code

Phone Number

Benedict Center 135 W. Wells Street
Suite 700
Milwaukee, WI 53203 414-347-1774
Dominican Center for Women 2470 W. Locust Street Milwaukee, WI 53205 414-444-9930
Hillside Learning Center 1452 N. 7th Street Milwaukee, WI 53205 414-224-7239
Hope House 209 W. Orchard Street Milwaukee, WI 53204 414-645-2122
House of Correction 8885 South 68th Street Franklin, WI 53132 414-297-7993
Innovative Educational Solutions 2821 N. 4th Street Milwaukee, WI 53212 414-269-9820
International Learning Center 639 N. 25 St. Milwaukee, WI 53233 414-344-4777
Journey House 2110 West Scott Street Milwaukee, WI 53204 414-389-5080 ext. 2225
Literacy Services of Wisconsin 5566 N. 69th Street Milwaukee, WI 53218 414-755-1995
Milwaukee Careers Cooperative 3505 W. Wisconsin Avenue Milwaukee, WI 53209 414-937-8260 ext. 23
Milwaukee Urban League 435 W. North Avenue Milwaukee, WI 53212 414-374-5850
Hanan Refugee Relief Group 3927 S. Howell Ave Suite 103 Milwaukee WI 53207 414-213-3607
Northcott Neighborhood House 2460 N. 6th Street Milwaukee, WI 53212 414-372-3770
Salvation Army 324 North Jackson Street Milwaukee, WI 53202 414-276-4316
Silver Spring Neighborhood Center 5460 N. 64th Street Milwaukee, WI 53218 414-463-7950 ext. 71
Social Development Commission 1730 W North Ave Milwaukee, WI 53205 414-906-2700
Centro Hispanol-Spanish Center
MATC - Walker's Point
614 National Ave. Milwaukee, WI 53204 414-928-1600
Tabernacle Baptist Church 2500 W. Medford Ave. Milwaukee, WI 53206 414-562-1129

The Adult Learning Center
1916 North 4 Street Milwaukee, WI 53208
UMOS - South 2701 S. Chase Milwaukee, WI 53207 414-389-6260
Vieau School 823 S. 4th Street Milwaukee, WI 53204 414-902-6100
Wisconsin Community Services 414 W. Moreland Blvd. Waukesha, WI 53188 262-544-4600
Wisconsin Hispanic Scholarship Foundation 2997 S. 20th Street Milwaukee, WI 53215 414-383-7066 Ext. 405
Word of Hope Ministries Inc. 2677 N. 40th Street Milwaukee, WI 53210 414-447-1965
YWCA-Community Lab 1915 N. Dr MLK Jr. Drive Milwaukee, WI 53212 414-374-1800

Earning an HSED

To earn a High School Equivalency Diploma, complete all of the steps above for the GED certificate, plus:

  1. Complete a health requirement by either passing a test, completing half of a credit in health while in high school, or completing an MATC Adult High School health course.
  2. Complete MATC's Employability Skills course.

One of the HSED options is the HSED 5.09 program. For more information about the HSED 5.09 program email For information about the HSED 5.09 in Spanish email

There are four other methods of earning a High School Equivalency Diploma. Please call 414-297-7471 for information about these options.

For more information, visit the State of Wisconsin GED/HSED website:

Call to schedule an appointment to take the GED/HSED exams at an MATC campus. To test, you must have a DPI form that shows you have completed the Academic Screening and the CAREER-750 workshop.

If you started testing in another state or region of Wisconsin, you need an official transcript for MATC's Testing Center.

GED/HSED Transcript requests must be made through the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction.

To request a GED/HSED transcript, visit:


GED testing centers are located at the Downtown Milwaukee, Mequon, Oak Creek and West Allis campuses.

At the Downtown Milwaukee Campus, GED testing is conducted in Room S215 in the Student Center.
For other campus locations call:
Mequon Campus, 262-238-2326
Oak Creek Campus, 414-571-4711
West Allis Campus, 414-456-5492


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Need More Info?

Visit the National GED site at .


MATC also offers the opportunity to earn your GED or HSED through partner organizations in the community. Contact any one of these organizations to get started!

Community Partner Address City, State and ZIP Code Phone Number