Veteran Aid

Veteran Educational Benefits

Veterans' GI Bill recipients can use their Veterans Administration (VA) benefits to pay for MATC college expenses. Veterans may also be eligible for other types of financial assistance, such as Financial Aid (see FAFSA at MATC's Military Education Support office is available to help you make a smooth transition into a college program using your veterans' benefits.

Students who wish to use their VA educational benefits must complete the required forms and submit supporting documents to our office. (Please see checklist for more information).  In order to ensure prompt payment of VA benefits, required forms should be completed prior to the start of each semester.  A late application will result in delayed payment. Completed forms can be returned to any of our four campus Welcome Centers or sent through the mail.

MATC's primary Military Education Support office is located at the Downtown Milwaukee Campus in Room S115C, 700 W. State Street, Milwaukee, WI. If you need assistance completing these forms or contact information you can meet with our Veteran Certifying Official.

Educational Benefits Offered to Veterans

Federal Benefit Information

Students inquiring about their specific eligibility to receive federal VA education benefits should call the VA Education phone number at 1-888-442-4551 or visit the VA website at Electronic applications for federal VA education benefits can be accessed at

Students must submit a Veterans' Educational Benefits Request Form each semester after they have registered for classes. (If you are submitting the benefit request form for fall semester, you will be certified for fall and spring and do not need to submit another request for spring at that time). However, a summer form is required for any student planning on using their benefits for the summer term.

Click on the Financial Aid Forms page link for request form.

Schedule Changes and Failed Courses:

Students are expected to notify the VA Certifying Official in writing of any changes to their class schedule so appropriate adjustments can be communicated to the Federal VA Benefits Office. Remember, your monthly rate of pay is based on the number of credits for which you are enrolled.  When grades are posted, we review enrollment and grades to make sure that students completed the courses for which they were certified.   Students receiving educational benefits are also expected to comply with standards of academic progress. 

In addition to the toll free number (1-888-442-4551), the VA has a Right Now Web Question and Answer site. Students need to register and then can submit inquiries through this site. The County Veteran Service Office located in your county is also a great source of assistance for your VA related questions.

The location for the Milwaukee County Veteran Service Office is:
6419 West National Avenue, Milwaukee
The telephone number is 414-266-1235

For those students who need to verify their enrollment on a monthly basis this can be done by calling 1-877-823-2378 or by using the Wave Verification online system.

National Guard Tuition Grant reimbursement:

National Guard Tuition Grant reimbursement:

  • Students only need to complete the DMA Form 189 application.
  • This is a paper application and is due within 60 days of the semester end date.

Remember to allow MATC at least two weeks prior to the due date to process and mail your application to Madison.

The form can be found by clicking on the following National Guard website link:

Note: National Guard Members who receive the National Guard Tuition Grant reimbursement each semester for their tuition may be eligible to receive reimbursement for segregated fees through the Federal Tuition Assistance program. Contact your unit education office or view benefit information online at

Veterans Education Reimbursement Grant

The deadline for submitting applications are due within 60 days of the start of the semester for which reimbursement is requested. All forms must be date stamped electronically or physically at the time of submission.

You may find information regarding reimbursement requirements and instructions on the Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs website at:

The Veterans Reimbursement Grant  online form is located at:

WI GI BILL (Tuition Fee Remission)

Updated changes to the WI GI Bill are located at:

The Wisconsin GI Bill provides a full 100% waiver ("remission") of tuition and material fees for eligible veterans and their dependents for up to 8 full-time semesters or 128 credits. Students are responsible for remaining fees, books and any other charges on their accounts, and they are subject to all payment deadlines. Information and forms regarding the program eligibility requirements can be found on the following website:

  • Submit form WDVA 2029, along with the required documents to MATC by the 14th calendar day of the semester. 
  • Submit form WDVA 2030 to the Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs along with required documents. (After your application has been reviewed by the State of Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs, you and MATC will be notified of approval or denial of this benefit.)
  • Submit a Wisconsin GI Bill Remission Request form to MATC's Veterans Affairs office as soon as you have registered for your classes. This form must be submitted EVERY semester.

Veterans Retraining Assistance Program

The Veterans Retraining Assistance Program (VRAP) provides training toward an Associate Degree, Non-college Degree, or Certificate that leads to a high demand occupation, as determined by the Department of Labor.

For detailed information regarding this program please click here:

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Federal Links:

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From Military to College

The following is only a guideline for veterans who are entering college. These are the most frequent requirements that a veteran applicant may encounter and is not intended to serve as an absolute list.

Please contact specific departments with questions you may have.

  • Apply for Admission
  • Submit transcripts
  • Take the Accuplacer test
  • Apply for financial aid
  • Complete student orientation
  • See your counselor
  • Search for Scholarships
  • Apply for Benefits (if not already done)