Academic and Career Pathways

What is a Pathway?

Seven Academic Pathways, Seven Roads To Success

MATC's Academic & Career Pathways are your road to success! All the college's programs using similar skills and connecting to similar careers are now together in one of the seven Pathways listed below. The best part of these new Pathways is the team! As an MATC student, your Pathway team can help you choose and register for classes, connect you to tutoring or writing labs and provide any kind of academic help you need. They can help you with issues outside the classroom too, like helping you find child care, food, housing and transportation.

Our Pathways are based on a national model proven to help more students succeed. You can learn more about the work behind our Pathways on our Guided Pathways page.

Not Sure What PATHWAY is Right for You? 

Start by requesting info from one of our recruiters! If you already applied to MATC and are undecided, meet with a Career Coach. Current students can use the Pathway locator tool to find their Pathway by program.

Business Management Pathway photo

Business & Management Academic & Career Pathway

Do you want to begin a career in accounting, business management or finance? Have you ever thought about becoming an entrepreneur, or working in real estate? Our Business & Management Pathway covers all these fields, and so much more. With comprehensive courses designed to take you to the next level, this pathway can be your route to an ideal career. 

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Community & Human Services Pathway photo

Community & Human Services Academic Career Pathway

Does being an EMT or paralegal sound right for you? How about being a barber or a child care provider? If so, you’ll want to check out our Community & Human Services Pathway, which prepares you to help others through a variety of careers focused on service.

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Creative Arts, Design & Media Pathway photo

Creative Arts, Design & Media Academic Career Pathway

Are you looking to begin a career as a photographer, audio engineer, web developer or graphic designer? Are you fascinated by media, and love the idea of working in a television studio? From baking and culinary arts courses to interior design, the Creative Arts, Design & Media Pathway can set you on course to reach the career of your dreams.

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General Education Pathway photo

General Education Academic & Career Pathway

Many students choose this pathway as their route to a four-year degree. You can fulfill many of the general education requirements for a bachelor’s degree. That way, you could start at your four-year school with junior standing, and dive into courses for your selected major. Talk to an MATC advisor about this pathway. This pathway also includes Adult High School and Adult Basic Education programs to prepare students for entering college.

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Healthcare Pathway photo

Healthcare Academic & Career Pathway

One of our most popular and in-demand options, this pathway is the choice for many future healthcare professionals. Whether you’re interested in anesthesia technology, dietary management, dental hygiene, nursing or other healthcare occupations, this pathway covers it. Help save lives and create a healthier world by pursuing a career in healthcare at MATC.

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Manufacturing, Construction & Transportation Pathway photo

Manufacturing, Construction & Transportation Pathway

Whether you’re into welding, carpentry, landscape horticulture, cars or anything in between that lets you work with your hands, this is the pathway for you! With many apprenticeship opportunities also available, this pathway is a popular option that offers plenty of hands-on experience for your future career.

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STEM Pathway photo

STEM Academic & Career Pathway

STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. From Information Technology to Civil Engineering Technology to Mechanical Design Technology, this fascinating pathway includes programs to get you into a career working on the cutting edge.

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