Focus 2 Career

Focus2 Career

focus-2-career-logo.pngFocus2 Career is an online, interactive, self guided career and education planning system designed to help you make decisions about your future career goals and education plans.

How to Get Started!

Use the directions below or click here (pdf) to access a worksheet.

fc-qr-code-1.pngStep 1: Log in to Focus2 (link) or scan QR code and create your account

➢ Click on Register to create an account
Enter the Access code: stormer
➢ Follow instructions to create your account
➢ Record your Username and Password

Step 2: Complete the following Self Assessments: These assessments will collect information about your interests, values, and personality type which are then matched to occupations.

➢ Work Interest Assessment
➢ Values Assessment
➢ Personality Assessment

Step 3: Review Your Work Interest ResultsHolland code

➢ Click on the Home Screen (found on the upper left-hand corner of the screen)
➢ Under Self Assessment, Click on RESULTS for Work Interest Assessment
➢ Record your Holland Code (three letter code)  ____  ____  ____
➢ Read what your Holland Code means
➢ As you read the descriptions, jot down a few words that best describe you

If you are ready to meet with a Career Coach, STOP HERE!

If you would like to explore your results and occupational matches before meeting with a coach, complete steps 4-6. Taking these extra steps can be beneficial in your conversation with the Career Coach.

➢ Click on Continue (This will generate occupational results that best align with your preferences.)

Step 4: Review Your Occupational Results
➢ Review the list of occupations matching your results
➢ Click on the occupation to obtain information about job tasks, skills required, work conditions, educational requirements, labor market information, earnings, etc.
fc-save-this-occupation.png➢ Click the Save This Occupation feature for those occupations of interest to you (All saved results in FOCUS 2 can be reviewed in your FOCUS 2 Portfolio for future reference)
➢ Click the Back to Occupations button
link-icon➢ Under Supporting Majors/Programs at MATC, click on the “Detail” icon (see picture to the right) to see what program at MATC is a match for this occupation. If no program is shown, please make a note to discuss with a Career Coach, as we may have other options available.
➢ Jot down notes on one occupation you would like to discuss with a Career Coach. Please also include what you found appealing and any additional information you found interesting such as earnings, job outlook, job duties, education requirements, etc.

Step 6: Make a Career Plan! Set Goals! Make it Happen!
Career Planning is a process of exploration.
Our Career Coaches are here to empower you to move forward towards your academic and professional goals with greater clarity, focus, momentum and success. Together, Let’s Make it Happen!

➢ Jot down your short (6 to 12 months) and long-term (1 to 5 year) career and educational goals.

fc-qr-code-2.pngWhat's Next?

➢ Schedule an appointment with a Career Coach using the Career Coach Booking (link) or the QR Code
➢ Take time to complete additional assessments in FOCUS 2, (Leisure and Skill Assessments)
➢ Use the Combine Results feature found under Self Assessment to create a list of best-fit occupations
➢ Continue to use FOCUS 2 to research careers and programs of interest
➢ Schedule informational interviews and/or pursue job shadowing opportunities
Apply to a program at MATC. (link)