Focus 2 Career

Focus2 Career

focus-2-career-logo.pngFocus2 Career is an online, interactive, self guided career and education planning system designed to help you make decisions about your future career goals and education plans.

How to Get Started!

Use the directions below or click here (pdf) to access a worksheet.

fc-qr-code-1.pngStep 1: Log in to Focus2 or scan QR code and create your account

➢ Click on Register to create an account
Access code: stormer
➢ Follow instructions to create your account
➢ Record your Username and Password

Step 2: Review Career Planning Foundations

➢ My Career Planning Involvement
➢ My academic strengths
➢ Am I career ready?

Step 3: Complete Self Assessment
Complete Work Interest Assessment and record your scores (36 questions)

My Holland Code (three letter code) ________ ________ ________

**Optional for a more detailed overview of your interests, complete: Personality, Leisure, Values and Skills Assessment.

Step 4: Review Your Results
Once completed with the Work Interest Assessment, click on Continue. This will generate occupational results that best align with your preferences. Click on the occupation to obtain information about job tasks, skills required, work conditions, educational requirements, labor market information, earnings, etc.

Supporting Majors/Programs at MATC
fc-child-care-worker.pngPlease note that some of your occupational results may not always match to MATC programs. Those results that do match will show a link that directs you to the MATC program page.

Step 5: Save and Record Results
fc-save-this-occupation.pngAs you explore occupations, make sure to SAVE those occupations that interest you, as well as record below. All saved results in Focus2 can be reviewed in your Focus2 Portfolio for future reference.

fc-qr-code-2.pngStep 6: Develop an Action Plan

  • Complete additional assessments in Focus2.
  • Continue to use Focus2 to research careers and programs of interest.
  • Schedule informational interviews and/or pursue job shadowing opportunities.
  • Meet with a MATC Career Coach to discuss your results and explore your options. Schedule an appointment using the Career Coach Booking Link or the QR Code
  • Apply to a program at MATC. (link)