Student Support

MATC can help you reach your goals with bilingual services and programs, tutoring, academic advising, career counseling and employment services. 

TecHELP offers a secure, personalized gateway to a rich variety of online information and services across the campuses.

Bilingual Services
If your first language is not English or if you are fluent in two languages, MATC offers bilingual programs and services to help you reach your academic and personal goals.

Child Care Services
MATC offers quality, reliable care to children of the students and staff/faculty of MATC, and our communities. Child care is available at all four campuses for children ages six weeks through 12 years, from early morning through late afternoon.

International Student Services
MATC welcomes international students to our college. With four campuses to serve our students, The International Admissions Office assists international students through the admissions process and continues to support them throughout their program.

Multicultural Services
We are dedicated to serving multicultural students through recruitment and retention services.  The department promotes diversity and multicultural understanding at MATC and is responsible for implementing programs for multicultural student access and retention.

Student Accommodation Services
The Student Accommodation Services Department (SAS) ensures that students with disabilities receive equal access opportunities to all MATC programs, courses and services.

Safety & Equal Opportunity Resources
It is important to recognize and report incidents of unfair treatment, including sexual harassment and sexual violence, as well as other unlawful discrimination and harassment.  MATC encourages full disclosure of all behaviors of concern.

Stormer Connect Mentoring
A Stormer Connect Faculty Mentor is an expert in their field who can guide a student and provide the following: A support system, increased connectivity, workforce preparation, professional awareness and growth, advice and encouragement, enhanced knowledge of internships and apprenticeships, increased success at MATC, and course completion.