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Student Life

The Office of Student Life promotes and coordinates a variety of educational, recreational, social, cultural, and entertainment programs and services. These programs and services enhance interpersonal skills and nurture individual growth. At each campus, a Student Life coordinator (located in the Office of Student Life) assists students in student activities and student group membership.  

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Student Resource Center

We are ready to connect you with free, confidential resources that can help you stay in school. These include:

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Office of the Ombudsperson

"An Alternative Path for Problem-Solving"

MATC’s Office of the Ombudsperson (or Ombuds) is an alternate resource available for students to informally raise and address college-related concerns, issues or conflicts. The office is guided by the principles of confidentiality, independence and neutrality and provides a safe, off-the-record and non-judgmental space for problem-solving and conflict resolution.

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