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The skills gap we face requires education beyond high school, but the cost of college is an immense barrier. Donors to the MATC Promise are unlocking opportunity and providing a talent pipeline our community so desperately needs.

Dr. Vicki J. Martin MATC President

Metro Milwaukee has a workforce dilemma. Employers have hard-to-fill job openings while at the same time many residents live in persistent poverty with high unemployment. MATC works at the intersection of this dilemma. The MATC Promise is one solution.

MATC Promise was created to:

  • provide access to career-focused education
  • break cycles of poverty
  • build the skilled workforce our regional economy needs to thrive

About The MATC Promise

A public-private partnership providing students a “last-dollar” scholarship. The primary source of need-based funding is federal Pell Grants and private funds provide that “last dollar” scholarship to cover the difference between a student’s Pell Grant and the cost of tuition. The scholarship covers the unmet cost of tuition for up to 75 credits. (Learn about MATC Promise enrollment criteria.)

Donors who have contributed gifts ranging from $50 – $500,000 are building a base to support and grow this life-changing program.


In Fall of 2016, the MATC Promise was launched and was the first program of its kind in Wisconsin making college an option for high school students who never thought it was possible.

In 2018, MATC expanded the Promise program for adults aged 24 years and older who started but never completed a degree. Eligible students must enroll in an associate degree program linked to one of Wisconsin’s top 50 in-demand careers.

Wisconsin's top 50 in-demand careers


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