Student Accounts

Student Accounts applies all student tuition and fees according to the Wisconsin Technical College System standards. The department handles the payment plan, sending financial; aid payments to the Higher One Card for refunds, and all other student refunds.

Payment Policies

Students must have a payment option in place by the due date outlined for each term. MATC requires students to accept a Student Financial Responsibility Agreement (SFRA), acknowledging that they understand they are responsible for all charges and courses they register for. Students will remain in classes regardless of whether they have a payment option in place. 

Read the Student Financial Responsibility Agreement (SFRA)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Payment Options include: being awarded financial aid, a third-party sponsorship on file, paid in full,
enrolled on the MATC Payment Plan

Payment can be made with any of the following payment methods online with:

  • Discover Card
  • MasterCard
  • Visa

Students can also come into any one of the cashier's offices to make a payment via cash check or credit card (Starter checks are not accepted). Students with an NSF check in the past 5 years, are not eligible to
write a check.

MATC Student Payment Plan

If you elect to enroll in the payment plan option:

  • You must be registered for three or more credits
  • A 5% down payment, which goes towards your account balance, is required
  • Complete the Payment Plan online
  • Go to — login with your MATC email and password to access your account

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