How to Make A Difference

Your Contribution Makes a Positive Difference

Donors like you make it possible to provide scholarships and emergency grants that help students to complete their education at MATC.


Over two-thirds of MATC students receive financial aid, scholarships and/or grants. Without this assistance, many MATC students would not be able to continue their education. Here's the impact scholarships have had on two students:

I received the MATC DreamKeepers emergency scholarship because my house had an electrical fire. I have stayed in school, but it has been tremendously difficult. I sincerely appreciate this scholarship. I want the donors of this scholarship to know that I am eternally grateful for their blessing.

Zachary MATC Student

My husband stopped working 5 years ago due to illness and I stopped working last year to start school. My part time job is not sufficient for me to keep-up with school and raise two children. Scholarships, and grants are fundamental to my success. I truly appreciate all of the generosity donors have for this school and I hope to someday return to help the new generations.

Myrna MATC Student

Gifts In Kind

Donated equipment and materials lend vital support in every program at MATC. Employers and the college have a compelling mutual interest in exposing students to industry-standard technology. In-kind giving makes that possible and allows us to remain relevant as a technical college. In-kind donations also offer tax benefits to donors. For more information on how you can make a difference through an in-kind gift, call the Foundation at 414-297-6900.

Learn more about our Donor Opportunities (pdf).