Stephanie Beecher

From entry-level to executive, MATC alumni are shaping the community we all share. Through MATC Alumni Voices, you’ll hear our graduates in their own words -- sharing how the college shaped their education and their lives.


stephanie-beecher-2.pngJUNE 2021: Stephanie Beecher

This month’s #ProudToBeMATC feature is MATC Liberal Arts graduate, Stephanie Beecher. She worked as the Editor-in-Chief for the our student newspaper in 2007-08. She came to the college wanting to be a reporter her whole life and went through many trials and tribulations while in school, but with the help and guidance of our staff, she persevered. We will be highlighting her story the rest of this month.

Tune in each Friday to learn more about her journey here at MATC. 




MATC Milwaukee · MATC Alumni Voices: Stephanie Beecher




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