Latoya Sykes

From entry-level to executive, MATC alumni are shaping the community we all share. Through MATC Alumni Voices, you’ll hear our graduates in their own words -- sharing how the college shaped their education and their lives.


LaToya SykesAugust 2021: LaToya Sykes

This month’s #ProudToBeMATC features MATC Alumna, La Toya Sykes. La Toya received her Associate degree in Liberal Arts and Sciences after her service in the United States Army. She is currently the President and CEO of @Our Next Generation, a nonprofit, community-based organization that provides academic support and enrichment programs for students, kindergarten through high school, in central Milwaukee. Tune in each Friday to learn more about her life after the army, and transition from employee to student at MATC.



MATC Milwaukee · MATC Alumni Voices: LaToya Sykes




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