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Spring 2020:  MATC Annual Report


"As we close our 2019-20 academic year, our commitment to student success took on a new shape in both expected and unexpected ways.

We hope you enjoy these stories of student success and look forward to sharing more of them with you. In the meantime, we extend to the entire MATC community — our students, employees, alumni, partners and friends — our thoughts during this difficult and unprecedented time."

Vicki J. Martin, Ph.D.
President, Milwaukee Area Technical College

Mark F. Foley
MATC District Board Chairperson

MATC is Taking Action | Annual Report 2019 

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In This Issue:

MATC Provided Community Advocate Viola Hawkins With a Solid Foundation
Long before social media users popularized the term influencer, Viola Hawkins was a powerful community presence. This well-connected member of the Milwaukee community has two daughters and an astounding 30 godchildren, some of whom call her Mom.

MATC Promise Assists Yasmin Ali on Her Journey to Becoming a Doctor
Born in war-torn Somalia, 19-year-old MATC Promise student Yasmin Ali has already overcome more obstacles than many individuals see in a lifetime. In 2006, her parents fled to Egypt with their children in search of safety and a better life.

Alumnus Gives Hope to Others Returning From Prison
Focused on the future that would begin the day his sentence ended, James E. Watkins read, wrote and studied as much as he could. He earned horticulture credentials and nearly 30 liberal arts credits while incarcerated in Illinois. A few months after his release in 2013, he moved to Milwaukee and enrolled at MATC to continue his associate degree coursework.

Graduate Among First Black Marines Is Honored as Distinguished Alum
Growing up in Ohio in the 1930s and ‘40s, MATC alumnus William Coffer Jr. faced segregation at movies and parks. In schools, Coffer said because many teachers were in military service fighting World War II, students’ learning opportunities were somewhat limited.

MATC Opens Al Hurvis/PEAK Transportation Center, Program Expansion Attracts $3.23M in Private Support
The new Al Hurvis/PEAK Transportation Center is dedicated to career awareness and training in the increasingly high-tech automotive service sector. It serves as the home base for MATC automotive and transportation servicing, the college’s program to expand awareness and offerings in transportation careers.

Business-Industry Partnership Opens Doors for Students
First-generation college graduate and engineering manager Ervin Kovacic knows firsthand the benefits of a career in heating, ventilation and air conditioning. He came to MATC for a six-month HVAC program but continued on to earn an Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Technology associate degree, graduating in 2003 with honors.

Innovative Collaboration Helps Milwaukee Fire Department Recruits Serve Spanish-Speaking Community Members
Professional firefighters are trained as paramedics and are often the first responders to a medical emergency. Thanks to an innovative partnership between MATC and the City of Milwaukee, new recruits are poised to help Spanish-speaking residents get efficient, considerate care during an emergency.

Helping Students Graduate Sooner
It didn’t take long to convince Limary Soto that MATC was the place to pursue her passion for educating young children. “I went there just to get some information about it – and I came out a full-time student,” she recalled, thinking about a day that became a turning point in her life. “It was just like that.”



Transformations Magazine: Fall 2019

2019 Alumni Transformations cover

"Milwaukee Area Technical College alumni are engaged in our community in ways that are as diverse as the 170+ programs we offer and the 30,000+ students we serve.

Alumni highlighted in this issue include a nursing graduate launching a business to combat infant and maternal mortality, a four-year transfer student who led two major Wisconsin corporations, and a 2019 graduate who utilized the new MATC Promise for Adults to realize her dream of college. Our alumni carry forward the college’s vision, which is to enrich, empower and transform lives."

Vicki J. Martin, Ph.D.
President, Milwaukee Area Technical College

Transformations: Fall 2019 (pdf)

In This Issue:

Spring 2019: MATC Annual Report2018 Annual Report cover

"As college leaders, we hear inspiring stories about our students’ learning journeys every week and we are eager to share a few with you in this year’s annual report. 

We invite you to read their stories of resilience, commitment and hope — and those of others throughout this publication."

Vicki J. Martin, Ph.D.
President, Milwaukee Area Technical College

Transformations: MATC Annual Report (pdf)


Fall 20182018 Alumni Transformations cover

"As the proud president of Milwaukee Area Technical College, I am heartened to hear how our graduates’ MATC experience helped them attain success, how it resonates to this day and how it inspires them to support the next generation of students.

Vicki J. Martin, Ph.D.
President, Milwaukee Area Technical College

Transformations: Celebrating Alumni of Milwaukee Area Technical College | Fall 2018 (pdf)


Spring 2017


We are pleased to share with you the 2017 Milwaukee Area Technical College Annual Report. The stories of students, alumni and partners throughout this report demonstrate how the college is transforming lives, industry and community.

Inside MATC Transformations Spring 2017 | 2017 Annual report (pdf)






Fall 2016Inside Transformations Magazine August 2016 cover

Welcome to the second issue of Inside MATC Transformations, which has been designed as an electronic publication. Links in the articles provide more information about the people and programs featured in this edition and we hope you take the opportunity to learn even more about them.

The articles center around MATC students, faculty, staff and alumni; the college’s initiatives; and how these are working together to transform lives, industry and community.

Inside MATC Transformations Fall Issue 2016 (pdf)


Spring 2016MATC 2015 Annual Report cover

This year's MATC Annual Report offers something extra. It is the first edition of the new Inside MATC Transformations magazine.

Two times a year, the magazine will feature stories about MATC students, faculty, staff and alumni; and the college's initiatives and organizations. You will learn how the transformations made possible by MATC are unique and powerful to help transform lives, industry and community.

We invite you to see for yourself in each issue of Inside MATC Transformations.

Inside MATC Transformations Spring Issue 2016 | Annual Report 2015 (pdf)