Mission, Vision & Values


Education that transforms lives, industry, and community


The best choice in education, where everyone can succeed


Empowerment: We support our students and employees with the skills, tools, and autonomy to succeed 

Inclusion: We provide a fair and welcoming environment where all voices are heard and where all students and employees feel a sense of belonging 

Innovation: We are agile and responsive to changing conditions, while anticipating future needs to best serve our students and communities 

Integrity: We demonstrate honesty, professionalism, and accountability in all interactions with our students, each other, and our community partners.

Respect: We approach all interactions with openness and empathy, value different perspectives, and treat each other with civility and kindness

StrategiC Priorities

Strategic Priority: Student Experience – Ensure all students can succeed by delivering a personalized and holistic student experience

Strategic Priority: Organizational Excellence – Advance organizational agility and excellence in a culture of innovation and informed decision-making 

Strategic Priority: Equity – Promote equitable outcomes for all students and employees by creating an inclusive and supportive college environment 

Strategic Priority: Community Impact – Strengthen community impact as a catalyst and partner to create positive change 



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Transformation 2025 Mission/Vision/Values - 2 sided card (pdf)