Reports, Factsheets & Data

Use the links below to access pages and documents about MATC

Annual Report (link)  published Spring 2022

Annual Security Report (link)  published Fall 2022

Facility Master Plan  published Fall 2013
Facility Master Plan (pdf)
Appendix A: Building Condition Assessment - Architectural (pdf) 
Appendix B: Building Condition Assessment - Engineering (pdf)
Appendix C: Environmental Scan (pdf)
Appendix D: Academic Needs Assessment (pdf)
Appendix E: Capital Needs Summary (pdf)

Fast Facts (pdf) published Fall 2021

Graduate Career Report (pdf) published Fall 2022

Notice of Non-Discrimination (link) updated Fall 2022

Policies and Procedures (link) 

Sustainability Report (pdf) published Fall 2012

Student Handbook and Code of Conduct (link) published Fall 2022

Transfer Guide (pdf) published Fall 2019