Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning at MATC is a dynamic, collaborative, and continuous process that sets the future direction for the college and ensures the long-term success of our students and our community. Our new 5-year strategic plan--Transformation 2025--tells our college community two important things: we know where we need to go as an institution and we know how to get there.

The foundation of the Strategic Plan are our Mission, Vision, and Values

  • Our mission statement strongly reflects what our students and community members tell us we do for them
  • Our Vision Statement is a stake in the ground, long-term aspiration of who we strive to be. It is our “North Star” that inspires and guides us everyday.
  • And our new Value Statements reflect important changes in our community and provide the foundation not just for our culture but for our actions and behaviors in our classrooms, our offices, our hallways and, most importantly, in our processes that serve our students and community.

Of course, to fulfill our Mission and achieve our Vision, we need a clear roadmap, and that is the Strategic Plan itself. This Plan presents the Priorities that we will focus on during the next five years:

  • Student Experience:  Ensure all students can succeed by delivering a personalized and holistic student experience

  • Organizational Excellence:  Advance organizational agility and excellence in a culture of innovation and informed decision making

  • Equity:  Promote equitable outcomes for all students and employees by creating an inclusive and supportive college environment

  • Community Impact:  Strengthen community impact as a catalyst and partner to create positive change

These aren’t just words on paper, but declarations of who we are, what we as a college, stand for, and what everyone can expect from us. 

This Strategic Plan is a living document that will be reviewed annually as part of our continuous improvement cycle. 

View/Print Transformation 2025 (pdf)