CPLE Denial Appeal Process

CPLE Denial Appeal Process

If your CPLE request has been denied, you can appeal the decision within 7 business days from receipt of the decision.

If you choose not to appeal your CPLE denial decision, please:

  • contact the CPLE office for other CPLE options for the denied course, or
  • contact your pathway advisor for course selection assistance by clicking here and disregard the information below.

If you choose to appeal your CPLE denial decision, complete the steps below:

Step 1: Submit the following no later than seven (7) business days from receipt of the decision:

  • Complete the CPLE Denial Appeal form found here (link)
  • Attach the following items for review by the Pathway Dean within the CPLE Denial Appeal form:
    • Copy of the email received notifying you of the CPLE denial
    • Copy of the original CPLE request form (see attached file/contact CPLE office)
    • Additional information that may reverse the denial

Step 2: The CPLE Specialist will forward the appeal form and supporting documents to the Pathway Dean.

  • The Pathway Dean will review, explain, and issue a final decision within 45 business days of the request to the CPLE department.
  • The CPLE Specialist will monitor the time that the Dean has the request for review to ensure that the appeal is answered within 45 business days of the request.

Step 3: The CPLE Specialist will inform the student of the Dean’s final decision via email.

If you have further questions about the appeal process, please contact the CPLE Office.