Professional Certification and Licensure

student in biotechnology lab

If you have received a professional license or have obtained an industry or vendor certificate, you may be eligible for credits at MATC. There is a CPLE fee to convert your certificate/license per course, except for CULMGT-112 & DIETNT- 106. Please view the Fees Associated with CPLE.

Certificates and licenses are only valid for programs that provide knowledge and skills leading to the equivalency of a course(s). A listing of all potential certificates and licenses can be found below:

Having the Certificate or License alone may not be enough for credit to be awarded. Work experience, interviews, or a performance exam may be required to qualify for credit for some of the certifications and licenses. All certifications and licenses must be reviewed and approved by a Lead Faculty to be awarded credit.

How to Receive Credit for Certification and Licensure:

  1. Review the required courses for an AAS degree or Technical Diploma
  2. Identify the MATC courses for which the certificate or license may be applicable by reviewing the certificate and license list for the appropriate Pathway.
  3. Contact to determine payment amount and next steps.

Evaluations are subject to change.