Reconnect/ Reflect

The door is open to explore other opportunities and options along the way

Career development takes place throughout the course of one’s lifetime, and despite where you are in the process, careers require continual self-assessment.  As the world continues to change and become more complex, it is important to understand ourselves and our relationship within it.  Self-assessment and reflection help us to deepen this understanding and develop skills over time to manage and prepare for a dynamic job market.

Achieve - Make It Happen!

  • Actively engage in experiences, activities, and employment that align with your career goals.
  • Network with individuals that are connected to your target career path.
  • Engage in career fairs and events connected to your career path.
  • Develop strong professional branding , interviewing and resume writing  skills.
  • Determine if your career requires further education beyond MATC.

The Journey Doesn’t End Here!  How can our team help?

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