Apprenticeship UPDATES

MATC, as one of Wisconsin's technical colleges, has been providing related instruction for a broad spectrum of apprenticeship programs for over 100 years. We are currently serving the following construction trade apprenticeships:

  • HVAC
  • Sheet Metal
  • Steamfitter
  • Refrigeration
  • Construction Electrician
  • Fire Sprinkler fitter
  • Painter
  • Glazer
  • Industrial Peipefitter
  • Metal Fabricator

To learn more on how to start an apprenticeship at your firm, contact Lori Hains


Apprenticeship Utilization on MATC Construction Projects

  • Apprentices must be employed on all trades
  • Initial & Quarterly Apprenticeship Utilization hours, names and addresses
  • Maintain DWD Journeyworker to apprentice ratios

MATC Apprenticeships Resources

MATC has students that are looking for great employment and/or apprenticeship opportunities.
MATC programs with full time students looking for opportunities:

  • Plumbing preparatory
  • Masonry
  • HVAC
  • Carpentry
  • Cabinet Making
  • Electricity
  • Automated Building Systems
  • Power Engeneering

Connect with program students for employment opportunities via the MATC CareerHub (link)