Energy and Sustainability Projects

Energy and Sustainability Projects

Recent MATC Energy Projects include:

Air Handling Unit (AHU) improvement

MATC has begun replacing one of the highest energy consumers in the district: our Air Handling Units (AHUs), which provide heating, ventilation and air conditioning to building occupants. In 2019, we began installing electronically commutated motor (ECM) fan walls, which are expected to cut the annual energy costs in half.


MATC is in the process of installing a geothermal heating system at the Mequon Campus. Although geothermal uses slightly more electricity than a conventional system, the reduction in natural gas use is significant at nearly 63%, and the total energy use shows a 29% reduction. Geothermal energy would reduce CO2 emissions by 53%. 


MATC is working on three major solar installations, which together are expected to produce between 2-3% of the MATC district total electrical consumption. The solar energy project at the Mequon campus is expected to save $30,000 in annual energy costs. The project will pay for itself in about 12.4 years, and a seven percent return rate is expected over 30 years.