Respiratory Therapist

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Program Information

  • Location: Downtown Milwaukee Campus
  • Pathway: Healthcare
  • Program Code: 10-515-1
  • Offering: In-class
  • Degree Type: 2-Year Degree (Associate)
  • Start Dates: August

About the Respiratory Therapist Degree


Enhance patient care by evaluating and treating people with lung and heart disease. Respiratory therapists’ duties include administering treatments, recommending therapeutic interventions and operating life support systems. Graduates are qualified to sit for the National Board for Respiratory Care (NBRC) examinations.

Respiratory therapists work in acute and subacute hospitals, diagnostic laboratories, rehabilitation facilities, clinics and home care.

This program features exploratory courses that count toward a credential. Contact an MATC advisor for information.

Additional program details: Learn to evaluate, treat, and care for patients with lung and heart disease. Clinical experiences are gained in a variety of healthcare settings.

Successful completion of the program and the NBRC Certified Respiratory Therapist examination provides an opportunity to obtain a license as a Respiratory Care Practitioner granted by the Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services. NBRC examinations leading to qualification as a Registered Respiratory Therapist (RRT) as well as advanced credentials in pulmonary function (CPFT and RPFT) and perinatal/pediatrics are available. 

This program is fully accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for Respiratory Care (CoARC) through 2022.

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Detailed Program Information

2020-21 Curriculum

Semester Course Course Name Credits
(1) ELECTIVES (Two credits needed) 2
(1)  ENG-195 Written Communication
(or) ENG-201 English 1 ‡
(1) NATSCI-177 General Anatomy and Physiology ‡
(or) NATSCI-201 Anatomy & Physiology 1 ‡ 
and NATSCI-202 Anatomy & Physiology 2 ‡ 
(1) PSYCH-199 Psychology of Human Relations
(or) Any 200-level PSYCH course
(1) RESPC-111 Respiratory Survey ‡ 3
(1) RESPC-171 Respiratory Therapeutics 1 ‡ 3
(2) ENG-196 Oral/Interpersonal Communication
(or) Any 200-level ENG or SPEECH course
(2) NATSCI-197 Microbiology ‡ 4
(2) RESPC-112 Respiratory Airway Management ‡ 2
(2) RESPC-172 Respiratory Therapeutics 2 ‡ 3
(2) RESPC-173 Respiratory Pharmacology ‡ 3
(2) RESPC-174 Respiratory Cardiac Physiology ‡ 3
(2) SOCSCI-172 Introduction to Diversity Studies
(or) Any 200-level SOCSCI course
(3) RESPC-175 Respiratory Clinical 1 ‡ 2
(3) RESPC-113 Respiratory Life Support ‡ 3
(3) RESPC-176 Respiratory Disease ‡ 3
(3) RESPC-178 Respiratory Clinical 2 ‡ 3
(3) RESPC-179 Respiratory Clinical 3 ‡ 3
(3) RESPC-180 Respiratory Neonatal and Pediatric Care ‡ 2
(4) RESPC-181 Respiratory/Cardio Diagnostics ‡ 3
(4) RESPC-182 Respiratory Clinical 4 ‡ 3
(4) RESPC-183 Respiratory Clinical 5 ‡ 3



‡ Prerequisite required.
( ) Semester order for full-time students.

Program curriculum requirements are subject to change.

This Associate in Applied Science program will transfer to one or more four-year institutions.

Current MATC students should consult their Academic Program Plan for specific curriculum requirements.

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2020-2021 Program Card

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Important Dates

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Program Outcomes

  • Apply respiratory therapy concepts to patient care situations
  • Demonstrate technical proficiency required to fulfill the role of a Respiratory Therapist
  • Practice respiratory therapy according to established professional and ethical standards

Career Outlook

Respiratory therapists work in acute and subacute hospitals, diagnostic laboratories, rehabilitation facilities, clinics and home care.

Respiratory therapists administer treatments, recommend therapeutic interventions, operate life support systems, perform CPR and airway management, provide patient education and conduct cardiopulmonary testing. For additional career information, visit

Possible Careers

Certified Respiratory Therapist (CRT)
Registered Respiratory Therapist (RRT)

Admission Requirements

This program admits students through a petition selection process. 
Learn more about the petition process

HP-A2 HESI Pre-admission exam required.

The following are also required for admission:

  • One year of high school-level biology
  • One year of high school-level chemistry


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This program is fully accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for Respiratory Care (CoARC), 264 Precision Boulevard, Telford, TN 37690; 812-283-2835;

Accreditation is based on recommendation of the Commission on Accreditation for Respiratory Care.



Healthcare Academic & Career Pathway

Downtown Milwaukee Campus, H Building, Room H116
Mequon Campus, Room A108-110
Oak Creek Campus, Room A121
West Allis Campus, Room 103

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