Transfer Credits to MATC

You may transfer credits to MATC from a variety of sources including

Transfer College Credits From Other Colleges

MATC will award transfer of credit from regionally accredited colleges and universities. This includes prerequisite credits. Final decision for acceptance of transfer credits lies within MATC.

Credits are accepted with the provision that these courses will apply to required or elective MATC courses. An official transcript must be provided in order for an evaluation of credits to occur. Transfer credits must have a grade of C or higher as required by the specific degree program. There is no fee for advanced standing by transfer of credit.

Credit for military service school may be allowed in conformity with ACE Office of Educational Credits as outlined in A Guide to the Evaluation of Educational Experiences in the Services. 

Credit for courses offered by business, industry, and government agencies may be allowed in conformity with the ACE Office of Educational Credits as outlined in the National Guide to Credit Recommendations for Noncollegiate Courses and Defense Activity for Nontraditional Education Support (DANTES).

High School Credits (HS Articulation)

Earn MATC Credits While in High School
High school students can earn MATC college credits through MATC's Career Prep initiative. This is a joint curriculum review process for advanced standing and/or curriculum alignment with high schools. The purpose of joint curriculum is to provide high school students with the opportunity to obtain advanced standing for successful completion of high school coursework that is comparable to technical college coursework.

Credit is awarded toward completion of specific MATC program graduation requirements. The MATC credit is applied when you are admitted to the specific program.

The number of credits awarded is specified in the individual agreements and, when applied, will appear on your MATC transcript without a grade. There is no fee for advanced standing by high school articulation.

See High School Relations for the list of transcripted credit and advance standing agreements.

Credit By Examination

You may earn advanced standing by demonstrating ability in a specific subject through credit by examination. Subject examinations may be written, verbal, practical, or any combination. There is a nonrefundable fee for each examination. The fee does not apply to course fees. The most common examinations include the College Level Examination Program (CLEP), Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) II, and Advanced Placement (AP) exams.

Credit for the CLEP general or subject examinations will be granted for advanced standing. CLEP examinations are not administered at MATC. 

Work Experience Evaluation

You may receive credit for work experience. Evaluation of work experience will be conducted by the instructional dean. You will receive a list of the course requirements from the instructional dean/associate dean.

These requirements may be verified by one or a combination of the following: oral interview, employer's verification of work experience, written documentation and/or work sample, and/or skills demonstrated to an instructor or dean. There is a nonrefundable per credit fee for each evaluation. The fee will not apply to course fees.