Community College Transfer to Four-Year University

MATC makes it easy for you to start your bachelor's degree with us. You can seamlessly transfer many MATC credits to virtually any four-year college or university in Wisconsin, and to others across the nation.

Some MATC transfer arrangements with four-year colleges and universities are course-to-course agreements, while others allow a complete degree program transfer. It's important to check with your program advisor to find out which courses and MATC programs will transfer to the four-year college or university you plan to attend. Also, keep in touch with the admissions department of the four-year college of your choice so you can be certain you're taking the MATC courses and/or programs that will match their bachelor's degree requirements.

This site also includes information about how to transfer credits from other colleges to MATC.

Choose any of the following to get started:

Liberal Arts and Sciences Degrees (Associate of Arts, A.A./Associate of Science, A.S.) These degrees can lead to junior-standing status at many four-year colleges and universities across the state and nation.

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Transfer Agreements by Institution
Find out which four-year colleges and universities have transfer agreements with MATC. Get the specifics about the MATC degree programs they accept for transfer. Some are all-inclusive.

Transfer Agreements by MATC Program
Browse the list for MATC degree programs. Find out which four-year colleges and universities offer bachelor's degrees that best match your MATC program.

All-Inclusive Program Agreements
(All MATC A.A., A.S., A.A.S. Degrees Applicable)
Find out which four-year colleges have articulation agreements with MATC.

Wisconsin Technical College System Transfer
Students from most Wisconsin Technical Colleges (WTC) can seamlessly transfer up to 30 selected General Studies credits with the intent of completing their Associate of Arts or Associate of Science degree.

Four-Year College Contacts and Web Links
Names, phone numbers and email addresses, plus websites that include comprehensive transfer information from local colleges and universities.

Transfer to MATC
Transfer credits to MATC from other colleges and local high schools. You may also earn MATC credit by examination and through work experiences.

Getting a Transcript
Information on how to request your official MATC transcript either in person, by mail, or by fax; fees, telephone numbers, and information required.

Universal Credit Transfer Agreement
The Universal Credit Transfer Agreement provides a set of courses that are transferable between all University of Wisconsin System institutions and Wisconsin Technical College System districts and typically satisfy general education or general degree requirements. The UCTA is designed for a student who is not sure about their major or program, and/or not sure what school they plan to transfer to in the future.

View the list of courses included in the Universal Credit Transfer Agreement by campus. Specific information about how each course in the UCTA will transfer to a receiving institution and will satisfy general requirements may be accessed through the Credit Transfer Wizards.


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