Achieving the Dream


MATC has been a member of the Achieving the Dream (ATD) network since July 2020.

ATD was founded to close achievement gaps and accelerate student success nationwide by guiding institutional change, influencing public policy, generating knowledge, and engaging the public. Through their years of work, ATD has demonstrated that innovative, evidence-based community college programs and interventions can produce and sustain improved student success.

The network includes over 250 community and technical colleges “focused on helping their students, particularly low-income students and students of color, achieve their goals for academic success, personal growth and economic opportunity.” MATC partners with ATD and network members throughout the country to share best practices for student success. The partnership helps center the College’s work on improving student outcomes and builds momentum on the success of previous institutional changes, including creating a more student-centered College around our Academic and Career Pathways.

As a member of Achieving the Dream, MATC is specifically identifying strategies to:

  • Improve student success.
  • Close achievement gaps.
  • Increase retention, persistence, and completion rates.
"We are committed to help more of our students graduate and achieve their dreams while closing equity gaps so more students of color succeed,” explains MATC President Dr. Vicki J. Martin. “Achieving the Dream is a valued partner in this imperative work."