Funeral Service

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Program Information

  • Location: West Allis Campus
  • Pathway: Community & Human Services
  • Program Code: 10-528-1
  • Offering: In-class
  • Degree Type: 2-Year Degree (Associate)
  • Start Dates: August

About the Funeral Service Degree


This program prepares you for a career as a licensed funeral director and embalmer in a profession that demands compassion, dedication and creativity. Our rigorous curriculum trains students to become among the best funeral directors in the expanding death-care profession. Once accepted into the program, students are immersed in all facets of the funeral profession.

Coursework will include embalming, arranger training, grief studies, business management, religious funeral practices, regulatory compliance and more. Throughout the program, students are provided a variety of unique learning opportunities through lectures, hands-on labs, field trips, seminars, guest speakers and internships.

Facilities include classrooms, state-of-the-art embalming and restorative art labs, arrangement conference room, merchandise selection room and funeral chapel.

Students who complete the program will earn an associate degree and be eligible to take the National Board Exam for funeral directors (required for licensure).

Detailed Program Information

2020-21 Curriculum

Semester Course Course Name Credits
(1)  ENG-195 Written Communication
(or) ENG-201 English 1 ‡
(1) FUNERL-106 Thanatochemistry 3
(1) NATSCI-177 General Anatomy and Physiology ‡ 4
(1) PSYCH-199 Psychology of Human Relations 
(or) Any 200-level PSYCH course
(1) SOCSCI-197 Contemporary American Society
(or) SOCSCI-210 Death and Dying
(2) ACCTG-110 Financial Accounting 3
(2) BADM-165 Legal Environment of Business 3
(2) ENG-196 Oral/Interpersonal Communication 
(or) Any 200-level ENG or SPEECH course
(2) NATSCI-197 Microbiology ‡ 4
(3) FUNERL-104 Funeral Service Field Experience I ‡ 2
(3) FUNERL-110 Introduction to Funeral Service ‡ 2
(3) FUNERL-112 Laws, Rules and Regulations of Funeral Service ‡ 3
(3) FUNERL-114 Pathology of Funeral Service ‡ 2
(3) FUNERL-116 Funeral Service Practices ‡ 4
(3) FUNERL-121 National Funeral Board Preparation I ‡ 1
(3) FUNERL-131 Embalming Theory ‡ 4
(4) FUNERL-105 Funeral Service Field Experience II ‡ 2
(4) FUNERL-117 Funeral Service Management ‡ 4
(4) FUNERL-120 Restorative Art ‡ 4
(4) FUNERL-122 National Funeral Board Preparation II ‡ 1
(4) FUNERL-132 Funeral Service Science ‡ 3
(4) FUNERL-153 Psychology of Funeral Service ‡ 3



( ) Semester order for full-time students.
‡ Prerequisite required.

Program curriculum requirements are subject to change.

Current MATC students should consult their Academic Adviser for specific curriculum requirements.

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2020-2021 Program Card

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Important Dates

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Program Outcomes

American Board of Funeral Service Education Program Outcomes

  • Explain the importance of funeral service professionals in developing relationships with the families and communities they serve.
  • Identify standards of ethical conduct in funeral service practice.
  • Interpret how federal, state, and local laws apply to funeral service in order to ensure compliance.
  • Apply principles of public health and safety in the handling and preparation of human remains.
  • Demonstrate technical skills in embalming and restorative art that are necessary for the preparation and handling of human remains.
  • Demonstrate skills required for conducting arrangement conferences, visitations, services, and ceremonies.
  • Describe the requirements and procedures for burial, cremation, and other accepted forms of final disposition of human remains.
  • Describe methods to address the grief-related needs of the bereaved.
  • Explain management skills associated with operating a funeral establishment.
  • Demonstrate verbal and written communication skills and research skills needed for funeral service practice.

NATIONAL BOARD STATISTICS - Milwaukee Area Technical College

3 year Average

# Pass Arts

% Pass Sciences

2017 - 2019



2016 - 2018



2015 - 2017



Most recent

# Takers

# Passed

2019 Arts



2019 Sciences



National Board Examination pass rates, graduation rates, and employment rates for this and other
ABFSE-accredited programs are available at

Career Outlook

The demand for licensed funeral directors and embalmers continues to grow. Graduates of this program have a high likelihood of employment in a variety of locations and work settings.

This Funeral Service degree program is recognized by the Wisconsin Funeral Directors Examining Board.

Possible Careers

Funeral Director

Admission Requirements

A minimum of 24 college credits in areas specified by the State Board of Examiners are required for admission into the Funeral Service program. See an MATC Community & Human Services Pathway advisor for information.

B- (or higher) required in Business and Natural Sciences courses.

C (or higher) required in General Education courses.

The following are also required for admission:

  • One year of high school-level biology and chemistry


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The Funeral Service degree program at Milwaukee Area Technical College – West Allis Campus is accredited by the American Board of Funeral Service Education (ABFSE). The American Board of Funeral Service Education (ABFSE) – Committee on Accreditation (COA) has reaccredited this program for a period of seven years (through October 2021).

The annual passage rate of first-time takers of the National Board Examination (NBE) for the most recent three-year period for this institution and all ABFSE accredited funeral service education programs is posted on the ABFSE website,

For more information about the program, contact: Gabriel Schauf, Funeral Service Program Coordinator,, 414-456-5320.

This program is accredited by
American Board of Funeral Service Education
992 Mantua Pike, Suite 108
Woodbury Heights, NJ 08097


Community & Human Services Academic & Career Pathway

Downtown Milwaukee Campus, T Building, Room T200
Mequon Campus, Room A108-110
Oak Creek Campus, Room A121
West Allis Campus, Room 103

Last updated: 08/21/2020