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All Days in February  25 Black Athletes Who Changed the World
Could you imagine sports without the Williams sisters or LeBron James? It’s pretty difficult to picture. But, as we all know, there once was a time when Black athletes weren’t allowed to be on the same playing field as white people. Fortunately, there were African American players who ignored the racial slurs and death threats that were hurled their way and focused on making the sports world a better, equal place.
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Every Monday in February

7 p.m.

We Rise: MKE’s Celebration of Black History Month 
This is a series of four free, virtual events. The celebration will honor the tremendous contributions that African American artists and administrators have made to the Milwaukee Rep and the City of Milwaukee. Events take place via Facebook Live  or YouTube Live.

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Feb. 6 -
11 a.m.-1 p.m.
From the Continent to the Americas: Foodways, Culture and Traditions in the African American Family
This event features a panel of authors, chefs and historians who will share their work and discuss the important role that food has played in Black family life throughout the diaspora.
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Feb. 7 -
3 p.m.-5 p.m.
Panel Discussion "How African American Families Have Been Portrayed in the Media"
The Association for the Study of African American Life and History – Manhattan Branch presents this panel discussion.
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Feb. 24 -
5:30 p.m.-6:30 p.m.
Diving With a Purpose: Recovering and Reexamining our Roots
This event will feature a panel discussion featuring divers who seek to preserve the heritage of Black people through discovering and investigating wreckages of slave ships and salvaging artifacts.
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Feb. 25 -
6 p.m.
Black Cultural Game Night
Sponsored by the Office of Student Life & MATC Black Student Union
This event is open to students, the campus community, the local community, and Black student unions and organizations across the nation.
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Feb. 27 -

I Am Black History Conference & HBCU Summit
The virtual I Am Black History Conference takes students on a journey through its seminars exploring how the African American experience and culture – Civil Rights Movement, Music, Dance, TV & Film, and Historical Figures – have shaped the world we live in.

Students will engage, interact and participate in conversations with experts dedicated to chronicling Black Excellence.

All sessions are designed to educate, inspire, challenge and provoke communicative thought in students.

The day also includes the HBCU Summit, where students have the opportunity to meet HBCU representatives to learn about Historically Black Colleges & Universities.

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