About the Veterans Resource Center (VRC)

About Veterans Resource Center (VRC)


Provide a “one-stop shop” where student veterans get information and assistance on their educational and personal goals.


Veteran Support Program will be a model that provides educational and support services for Veterans, Active duty and Reserve military members and their families to help them achieve their academic goals, and transition from military life to college life.

Rules of the Veterans Resource Center

  • The noise level will be kept to a respectable level that is conducive to all VRC students.
  • Student veteran is limited to one guest per day. Student guests must sign in and log out as student veteran guest.
  • Student veteran must be tolerant of others and respect individual beliefs.
  • Harassment of any kind (racial, sexual and otherwise) will not be tolerated.
  • Food and beverage are permitted, but you must clean up after yourself.
  • Telephone calls and disruptive conversations should be taken outside, as to not disrupt other VRC students or guests.
  • Headphones are required to be used for music and other electronic devices, as to not disrupt other VRC students.
  • Printing documents limited to 15 pages per day, more than 15 need to be authorize by VRC staff.
  • Violations of the VRC rules may result in a suspension of use privileges and a referral to the Director of Student Life.