Employee Ombuds Office FAQS


Q: What is an ombuds and what is the mission of the MATC Employee Ombuds Office?

A: An ombuds is a designated neutral who facilitates the informal resolution of a visitor’s concerns. The mission of the Employee Ombuds is to provide all MATC faculty, staff, and administrators with a confidential space to navigate workplace issues and concerns.

Q: How does a visitor contact the Employee Ombuds?

A: Please send an email to employeeombuds@matc.edu and the Employee Ombuds will work with you to schedule a meeting.

Q: Who do the Employee Ombuds report to?

A: Ombuds are an independent, neutral, confidential, and informal resource. The Employee Ombuds do not have a reporting line in MATC.

Q: Does MATC have a current full time employee in an Ombuds role?

A: No, there are currently four part-time independent contractors serving as Employee Ombuds for the college.

Q: Do any of the Employee Ombuds work on MATC’s campus?

A: No; however, Kerry and Sarah are available by appointment to meet on or off campus, and all of the Employee Ombuds are available by phone or virtually by appointment. 

Q: How many students are the Employee Ombuds seeing?

A: The Employee Ombuds do not meet with students; students are served by Student Ombudsperson Yolanda Hodges. Information is available at the Student Ombuds page.

Q: Will the Employee Ombuds decide how I need to handle a workplace issue or concern?

A: No, the role of the Employee Ombuds is to listen, coach, clarify, facilitate, educate, and empower visitors (i.e., faculty, staff, and administrators) to help them in their decision-making or to advocate on their own behalf. The Employee Ombuds will help identify paths, but visitors choose their own path to resolution. 

Q: Can the Employee Ombuds serve as an advocate for visitors? 

A: No; however, Employee Ombuds assist visitors with their individual conflicts by supporting them to find their own paths towards resolution.

Q: Is the purpose of the Employee Ombuds to act in the best interest of the employees or MATC?

A: Neither; the Employee Ombuds is a designated neutral and an advocate for fair process, but is not an advocate for either employees or MATC.

Q: What record keeping does the Employee Ombuds Office maintain?

A: Ombuds do not keep personally identifying records of visitors or of conversations. To identify and address systemic trends, ombuds maintain non-identifying information that maintains the confidentiality of visitors.

Q: What is the relationship between the Employee Ombuds and the unions?

A: The Employee Ombuds Office is a supplemental, neutral service provided to employees. Our services complement the services offered by the unions by offering informal services that may not necessarily be provided by unions. Ombuds do not become directly involved with issues within the scope of union contracts.

Q: How will the Employee Ombuds work with the HR Partners? 

A: The Employee Ombuds Office is independent from all offices at MATC. When given permission from visitors, ombuds may work in concert with other offices, including HR Partners, and may contact other employee-related offices to access resources and policy information while maintaining visitor confidentiality.

Q: Will employees be mandated to go to the ombuds for conflict resolution, mediation, or other communication training or services?

A: No, participation in any ombuds service is strictly voluntary and therefore cannot be mandated or required.