As a graduate of this eight-week Truck Driving program, you will enter an industry in need of qualified workers. Developing skills related to safety, maintenance and the operation of trucks prepares you for entry-level positions as a local or over-the-road driver. Students have the opportunity to attain Class A CDL (Commercial Driver’s License) as a result of their training.


  • Age 18 years or older
  • Valid driver's license (Class D)
  • Acceptable driving record
  • Department of Transportation medical exam and drug test
  • Valid Commercial Learner Permit (CLP) - For more information please contact us


  1. Interested students/applicants must fill out the online petition form here (link)
  2. A Pre-admissions committee will review the application and submitted documents 
    • If the application and all necessary documents are submitted correctly, an MATC Truck Driving Assistant will assist prospective students on completion of the last steps of the pre-admission process, including the the Concentra passport and instructions to set up an FMCSA Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse account. The MATC Truck Driving Assistant will also send an FMCSA Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse query request that must be accepted by the student in order to proceed. 
    • If the application is submitted incorrectly, do not fill out a duplicate petition form.
      The MATC Truck Driving Assistant will communicate through the program email address ( and request to receive all corrections and documents electronically through the email account. 
  3. Once everything is correct and in order, the MATC Truck Driving Assistant will confirm the following information:
    • Negative drug test results
    • FMCSA Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse query provided
    • Confirm that CLP and FedMed are up to date 
  4. Once all criteria have been successfully completed and submitted, a MATC Truck Driving Assistant will confirm the process is complete. Communication will be sent that the applicant can register for class.


About the Program

(a full listing of courses is available on the Truck Driving program page.)


Today's equipment requires more technical knowledge than ever before. In the MATC Truck Driving Program, you will learn the latest technology, most current regulations, and the most desired industry standards.

  • Hands On
    The amount of hands-on training you receive behind the wheel is crucial for building your skills
    and confidence as a truck driver. The MATC Truck Driving program is 320 hours incorporating
    over 240 hours of hands-on activities.
  • Classroom & Diesel Lab
    You will learn from industry experts, instructors with 30-40 years of driving experience and
    instructors that are certified coaches, not only behind the wheel but also in the classroom and
    in the lab. The MATC Truck Driving program partners with the MATC Diesel Technician program
    offering the use of their space, equipment, and resources to further gain knowledge of the
    equipment drivers must operate and inspect every day.
  • Road and Range
    Drivers spend 99% of their careers driving forward, driving in reverse is part of the job that can
    make or break you when it comes to skill. It is an essential skill that, at first, can be intimidating
    and difficult, yet mastering the skill can come quickly with practice. In the MATC truck driving
    program you will receive, on average, 136 hours* of range backing exercises and an additional
    68 hours* of road driving. *Actual behind the wheel, not observation


The MATC Truck Driving Program understands driving large profile vehicles can be a complicated task that can be challenging for some individuals. The integration of simulators helps to build confidence, skills, techniques and knowledge. 

  • Driving simulators
    These help introduce students to an in-cab environment that is safe, risk-free, and
    unintimidating. Students learn the controls, gauges, and vehicle systems in a way that takes the
    pressure off making a mistake in a real truck. From shifting a manual transmission, to
    maneuvering the large semitruck in reverse, the simulators help build confidence, knowledge,
    and muscle memory to accent the learning process of the student.
  • Confidence
    Simulation provides the operator and instructor instant feedback with student's performance and abilities. Simulation also develops skills for comfort in the real vehicle.
  • Skills, Techniques & Knowledge
    Simulation reinforces positive decision making, vehicle control and situational awareness through training in a realistic, risk-free environment.

Skill Development

To prepare for your future career, developing your skill to control the vehicle forward and backward is necessary. Extensive training is conducted in a safe closed range designed with the student in mind.
Controlling your vehicle while backing, and your ability to judge your vehicle’s position in relation to other objects is very important.

These judgments and skills required are used in many different driving situations and are essential to the safe control of your vehicle.

Road Driving has many challenges. The skills needed to be safe and successful are numerous. Our students have 1 on 1 instruction on the road with no other occupants in the truck.


MATC Truck Driving Program is a credit based college program. Upon completion, an individual will have earned their CDL, 10 college credits and a technical diploma. We are quality driven providing some of the best entry level drivers in the industry.

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