Procedures for Approval

Instructions for obtaining MATC Institutional Review Board Approval:

  1. Complete the Human Subjects Review Protocol form
    View/print Human Subjects Review Protocol form(.doc)
  2. Complete the Request for Institutional Review Board Action form, obtaining signatures from your supervisor and any third parties (e.g. if you are doing your research as part of a graduate or undergraduate program, your supervising instructor must sign)
    View/print Request for Institutional Review Board Action form(.doc)
  3. Submit one (1) copy of the above forms and all supporting documentation, including copies of any surveys and approvals from external review boards at least one week prior to the scheduled meeting dates to:

    MATC Institutional Review Board, Yan Wang, Chair
    700 W. State Street, Room M222
    Milwaukee, WI 53233

    Or email Yan Wang at
  4. Submit a Request for Continuation Review or Closure if you need an extension of your IRB approval or want to inform MATC IRB that a study is completed. Please email to inform Dr. Yan Wang that a request has been made.