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WE CARE Standards

WE CARE Standards reflect the way we aim to interact with everyone who is part of our College campuses and community — students, employees, and visitors.   By living the WE CARE Standards as part of our daily activities we seek to deliver a customer service experience which Exceeds Expectations in every way.


  1. Create and maintain an inviting environment
  2. Smile and greet people
  3. Actively listen to understand
  4. Show appreciation

Engaged & Empowered

  1. Seek information about college initiatives and activities
  2. Participate in our college community
  3. Take initiative to address problems or issues


  1. Be empathetic
  2. Show respect
  3. Recognize and appreciate differences
  4. Be mindful of your own emotions and reactions


  1. Provide information that is correct, helpful, and timely
  2. Take responsibility
  3. Follow up and follow through in a timely manner


  1. Discover and apply resources in new and creative ways
  2. Share knowledge and information
  3. Foster collaboration

Exceed Expectations

  1. Be proactive and anticipate needs
  2. Seek to continuously improve
  3. Act as an MATC ambassador and Student Success advocate
  4. Go the extra mile

Employee Commitment to Service Excellence

Satisfaction from everyone we interact with is of utmost importance to upholding MATC’s reputation in the community. Welcoming, engaging, and compassionate behavior helps ensure MATC’s continued success as the premier comprehensive technical college that provides excellence in education to enrich, empower, and transform lives.

Employee Role:

Each employee is held responsible for:

  • Demonstrating their individual commitment to MATC’s Service Excellence Standards (WE CARE) when dealing with internal and external stakeholders, whether in person, by telephone, via email or other means.
  • Encouraging students, customers and visitors to provide feedback regarding their departmental experiences through the customer service survey.
  • Seeking ways to continuously improve service to students, customers, and visitors.


How Are We Doing?

We want your feedback regarding your customer service experiences at the college. 

The survey responses will be anonymous and aggregated results of the survey with be used to: 

  1. Identify training needs for employees in support of the WE CARE Service Excellence Standards
  2. Improve our service and procedures while increasing efficiency and effectiveness
  3. Address problems that demotivate people, compromise customer satisfaction, or diminish performance
  4. Recognize employees who go above and beyond in their commitment to service excellence


The survey is quick and can be completed for each department you visit via:

  • QR Code or postcard available in each department
  • Survey link available on matc.edu
  • Social media links (twitter, Facebook, Instagram)


Had a Recent Experience at MATC?

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Have Questions?

Contact one of the following individuals for more information regarding the WE CARE standards:

Michelle Krueger

Jane Beyer