Workforce Advancement Training (WAT) Grants

Improving productivity and competitiveness requires an investment in employee training and development. Workforce Advancement Training grants are available to support employers in their efforts to retain and advance the skills of their existing workforce. 


  • Promote Increased Investment in the Development of Incumbent Workers
  • Improve Wisconsin Businesses’ Productivity & Competitiveness
  • Augment the State’s Economic Base
  • Support Career Pathways
  • Expand Tech College Training & Technical Assistance Services to Business & Industry

Funds Available & Limitations

  • Grant will cover 65% of total training costs, Employer share is 35%
  • Funds for General Businesses & Small Businesses
  • $2,500 to $200,000 Per Application
  • MATC Workforce Solutions Team will write the grant; Date for submittal will be April 1st, 2024
  • Training must focus on occupational skills, academic, and employability topics or courses
  • Previous Awardees Considered; However, New Request Given Preference
  • Training and/or Technical Assistance for Individual Employer or Multiple Employers
  • Consistent Theme Needed; Majority of Training Offered Received by All Consortium Employers
    Training on Similar Topics (e.g., Welding, OSHA, MSSC, etc.) or Employers from Same Industry Sector (Wood, Product Manufacturing, Industrial Machinery Manufacturing, Agricultural, etc.) or another reasonable grouping.
  • Purchase/Lease of Instructional, software or equipment may be funded up to 25% allowable cost
  • Supply Items Funded Up to 25% Allowable Cost
  • Training Expected to Start Within 90 Days of Award
  • Expected Training Time Frame July 1, 2024 to August 31, 2025
  • Remodeling/Building Expenses Not Allowed
  • Business is responsible for technical assistance costs as provided by Workforce Solutions


  • Assessing Learning Needs of Employees
  • Developing Curriculum
  • Purchasing Supplies, Equipment, Video, Computer Software or Other Instructional Materials
  • Basic Skills or English Language Learning Instruction that Supports Occupational Skill Training
  • Technical Assistance to Employer Which Results in Advancement of Existing Employees Through Career Pathways or Additional Hiring of New Employees

These guidelines are subject to change by WTCS. 

Requirements to participate in WAT grant-funded training include:

  • Expressing interest without commitment by the end of January each year (fill out the consideration form below)
  • Completing and submitting an Economic Impact Survey upon training completion
  • Providing quantitative results of project outcomes


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Need More Information?

Contact: Lisa Reid, Director, Workforce Solutions, (414) for more information.