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InternConnect teaches students how to secure their internship, connects them to employer partners and helps them realize the benefits of gaining professional work experience.  We look forward to partnering with you on your internship journey as you increase your career competencies.


An internship is a professional learning experience designed to enhance skills and increase knowledge related to a student’s career interest or field of study. Many internships are paid opportunities while some may be unpaid. Certain programs require that an internship is taken for credit. Other students elect to participate in an internship strictly to gain professional experience.


  • “Learn by doing” in a professional setting where you are supervised by industry experts
  • Practice what you learn in the classroom out in the workforce
  • May lead to a full-time job
  • Looks GREAT on your resume and you gain experiences to share during interviews
  • Improve your confidence, make professional contacts and build references


Some MATC programs require students to take a prerequisite course, INTRN-796 (Employment Success), PRIOR to the actual program internship/field experience course. Students must get a grade of C or higher to pass INTRN-796. For example, a marketing student would need to take INTRN-796 prior to taking MKTG-175 (Marketing Internship). Internships that require INTRN-796 are processed through InternConnect.

INTRN-796 is ideally taken the semester before the program internship course and is designed to provide job readiness education that will be useful “on-the-job.” Students should apply to internships and try to secure an employer during INTRN-796. The goal is to have an internship lined up before the start of the program internship course. Contact InternConnect to discuss resources that will assist you as you work towards this goal.

See the program internship/field experience courses that currently require the INTRN-796 prerequisite course.  These are subject to change.  Consult InternConnect or your Pathway Advisor with questions.

Administrative Support Specialist - OFTECH-196
Baking & Pastry Arts - BAKING-130
Bilingual Office Assistant - OFTECH-190
Business Analyst- BNLST-137
Culinary Arts - CULART-107
Culinary Assistant Technical Diploma - CULART-107
Event Management - HOTEL-130
Hotel/Hospitality Management - HOTEL-130
Interior Design - INDSGN-120
*IT Computer Support Specialist - ITSUP-198  - Also has project option
*IT Help Desk Support Specialist - ITSUP-198 - Also has project option
*IT Information Systems Security Specialist - ITSEC-191 - Also has project (ITSEC-194) option
*IT Networking Specialist - ITNET-198 - Also has project option
Marketing - MKTG-175
Photography - PHOTO-190
Web & Digital Media Design - WEBDEV-198

*These IT programs also have a project option to satisfy the internship requirement.  Consult faculty to discuss this option. However, students are highly encouraged to complete an internship to gain professional experience.

Student Expectations During Program Internship Course

  • Log hours and activities as determined by instructor
    • Internships are typically a minimum of 150 hours or more as determined by program faculty
  • Participate in five-six class discussions as determined by instructor
  • Complete mid-semester and final self-evaluations of the internship experience
  • Internship instructor will communicate with your employer supervisor throughout the internship 
  • Instructors will provide additional guidance on expectations as related to your program

Internships that DO NOT Require INTRN-796

  • There are some MATC programs that require an internship but DO NOT require the INTRN-796 (Employment Success)  prerequisite course.  These internships are managed directly by program faculty rather than InternConnect.  Please contact the appropriate faculty for details.  
  • There are other programs that do not require an internship for credit.  Students are still strongly encouraged to seek internship opportunities to gain professional skills.
  • Contact InternConnect if you would like to learn about resources that will be valuable on your journey to secure an internship.

How do I search for internships?

  • Additional Employment Websites
  • Consider your current employer as a potential internship site
  • Tap into all of your networks:   Family, friends, friends of friends, friends of family, clubs, religious establishments, social network platforms such as LinkedIn, volunteer organizations, neighbors, professional organizations
Stay ORGANIZED.  Keep track of the internships you applied to by date and any communication you have related to each specific opportunity.  Print a copy of the Internship Description for your files.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an internship?
An internship is a professional learning experience designed to enhance skills and increase knowledge related to a student’s career interest or field of study.

What is a field experience?
Some programs use the term “field experience” rather than internship.  You will hear the word internship and field experience used interchangeably and they both describe an on-the-job learning experience.   

When are internship courses offered?
Internships are offered in Fall, Spring or Summer semesters depending on the academic program.

How long do internships last?
Internships are typically short-term commitments that last for a semester.  

What criteria need to be met during my internship?
If you are taking a required program internship for credit, contact your internship faculty to discuss the criteria and required hours as they vary by program.  Internships are typically a minimum of 150 hours but sometimes more depending on the program.   

I didn't see my program listed as one that requires INTRN-796 and is managed through InternConnect.  Who do I contact?
Not all programs require an internship for-credit.  Students are still encouraged to obtain an internship to gain professional skills.  Please contact our office to discuss resources.

There are some programs that require an internship but are run directly through program faculty and don’t require INTRN-796.  Please contact faculty for additional details.  

Do I need to complete paperwork for my internship through InternConnect?
If you are taking a program internship that has the INTRN-796 prerequisite, contact InternConnect to discuss the paperwork that is needed.  

Will I get paid for my internship?
Many MATC students do secure paid internship opportunities. However, some are unpaid.  Please see the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) Position Statement on US Internships.

Does the internship staff place me in an internship?
We work with students and give you the tools to help secure your internship.  We also leverage our employer partnerships to connect you with potential opportunities.  However, just like any job, you have to apply for internships and receive an offer from the employer.  InternConnect is here to assist you on your journey!

Contact InternConnect or 414-297-6244

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