Electronic Engineering Technology

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Program Information

  • Location: West Allis Campus
  • Pathway: STEM
  • Program Code: 10-605-7
  • Offering: In-class
  • Degree Type: 2-Year Degree (Associate)
  • Start Dates: August/January

About the Electronic Engineering Technology Degree


Gain the expertise for professional testing/repair positions in the electronics field. If you are interested in continuing your education to pursue a Bachelor of Science Electrical Engineering degree at Milwaukee School of Engineering (MSOE), select the MSOE-BSEE Transfer courses.

Technicians assist engineers and producers of electronic equipment and systems, and are part of a fast-growing career area.

You can earn the Electronics Technician Fundamentals technical diploma on the way to completing this associate degree.

Additional program details: If you are interested in pursuing an Electrical Engineering bachelor's degree at the time of admission, select the BSEE Transfer option that includes specific electronics, higher-level mathematics and college transfer courses. Upon graduation and meeting specific admission requirements, this prepares you for entry into the Milwaukee School of Engineering (MSOE) BSEE Transfer program.

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Detailed Program Information

2021-22 Curriculum

Choose Job-Ready or MSOE-BSEE Transfer 
(The transfer option is available directly to those entering the program calculus-ready.)   
Course Course Name Credits
ELCTEC-110 DC/AC Electronics 1 ‡ ^ 4
ELCTEC-130 Digital Electronics ‡ ^ 3
ENG-195 Written Communication (or) ENG-201 ‡ 3
MATH-115 College Technical Mathematics 1 ‡ ^
(or) MATH-230 ‡ (or) MATH-231 ‡
PSYCH-199 Psychology of Human Relations
(or) PSYCH-231
ELCTEC-111 DC/AC Electronics 2 ‡ ^ 3
ELCTEC-120 Electronic Devices ‡ ^ 4
ELCTEC-140 Microprocessors ‡ ^ 3
MATH-116 College Technical Mathematics 2 ‡
(or) MATH-231 ‡ (or) MATH-232 ‡
ELCTEC-121 Electronic Devices Advanced ‡ 3
ELCTEC-150 Data Communications and Networking ‡ 3
ELCTEC-196 PLC Systems Basic ‡ 3
ENG-197 Technical Reporting (or) ENG-208 ‡ 3
PHYS-139 Survey of Physics (or) PHYS-221 ‡ 3
ELCTEC-131 Advanced Digital Electronics ‡
(or) ELCTEC-198 ‡
ELCTEC-141 Microcontrollers ‡ 3
ELCTEC-176 Computer Networks ‡ 3
ELCTEC-195 Motors and Controls ‡ 4
SOCSCI-197 Contemporary American Society
(or) SOCSCI-203
ECON-195 Economics
(or) ECON-201 (or) ECON-202
ELCTEC-110 DC/AC Electronics 1 ‡ ^
(or) ELCTEC-115 ‡
ELCTEC-130 Digital Electronics ‡ ^
(or) ELCTEC-117 ‡
ENG-201 English 1 ‡ 3
PSYCH-231 Introductory Psychology
(or) PSYCH-199
ELCTEC-111 DC/AC Electronics 2 ‡ ^
(or) ELCTEC-116 ‡
ELCTEC-120 Electronic Devices ‡ ^
(or) ELCTEC-118 ‡
ELCTEC-140 Microprocessors ‡ ^
(or) ELCTEC-119 ‡
PHYS-221 College Physics 1 ‡ (or) PHYS-274 ‡ 4
SOCSCI-203 Introduction to Sociology 3
ELCTEC-112 DC/AC Electronics 3 ‡ 3
ELCTEC-121 Electronic Devices Advanced ‡ 3
ELCTEC-195 Motors and Controls ‡ 4
ELCTEC-196 PLC Systems Basic ‡ 3
ENG-208 Technical Communications ‡ 3
MATH-231 Analytic Geometry and Calculus 1 ‡ 5
ELCTEC-124 Electronic Circuit Analysis ‡ 3
ELCTEC-141 Microcontrollers ‡ 3
ELCTEC-150 Data Communications and Networking ‡ 3

(Five credits needed)
Suggested elective: MATH-233

MATH-232 Analytic Geometry and Calculus 2 ‡ 5

‡ Prerequisite required.
^ Counts toward earning the Electronics Technician Fundamentals technical diploma.

Program curriculum requirements are subject to change.

This Associate in Applied Science program will transfer to one or more four-year institutions.

Official Wisconsin Technical College System program title: Electronic Systems Technician

Current MATC students should consult their Academic Program Plan for specific curriculum requirements.

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Important Dates

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Program Outcomes

  • Apply electronic theory to practice
  • Operate test equipment
  • Build electronic circuits and systems
  • Evaluate the operation of electronic circuits or systems
  • Communicate technical information

Career Outlook

Electronic Engineering Technicians (EET) find employment in many areas of business and government due to the increased usage of computer-controlled systems.

Possible Careers

Electronic Test Technician
Manufacturing Test Technician
Production Assistant or Supervisor
Quality Control Technician
Repair and Installation Technician
Research and Development Technician
Service Technician
Technical Representative (Commercial or Military)

Admission Requirements

One year of high school-level geometry and one year of high school-level algebra, or equivalent.


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