Infant Toddler Sponsorship Growing the Pipeline Application Form

Growing the Pipeline of Highly Qualified Infant and Toddler Educators student sponsorship is generously funded by donors at the Greater Milwaukee Foundation. This sponsored student opportunity is geared toward individuals who have a career vision that includes working with children and a commitment to ensuring that they have a strong educational foundation for life. Full funding is provided for 100 students (including book, digital access, registry fee and tuition). A cohort model has been adopted as the preferred method of delivery, with 5 cohorts (10 students in each cohort) in 2021 and another 5 cohorts in 2022. Cohort participation is a competitive process.

It is NOT a first-come, first-served opportunity, but rather an investment in those who are excited about serving in the early childhood education field and have a drive to succeed. The Infant Toddler Credential is not supported by financial aid so this is a special opportunity for students. The total value of each sponsorship is approximately $3,000.

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Please note, only students that are enrolled in specific courses are eligible for this sponsorship.