Magna Publications

Magna Publications — Free Access to the Teaching Professor, Magna Digital Library, and Academic Leader

Free access to Magna Publications’s most-popular resources — the Teaching Professor, Magna Digital Library, and Academic Leader–are available to members of MATC’s campus community.

Since 1972 Magna has been a leading provider of higher education professional development resources. The Teaching Professor is a forum for discussion of the best strategies supported by the latest research for effective teaching in the college classroom. Magna Digital Library offers on-demand versions of Magna's most popular programs covering a broad range of faculty development topics, including the 20-Minute Mentor Commons. Academic Leader provides the information academic decision-makers use for effective leadership within their colleges or departments, aligning with their institution's primary missions of teaching and scholarship.

To register for MATC’s group subscription:

  1. Go to Magna Publications and enter information in the required fields.
  2. Once successfully registered, you will see a screen "Thank you for completing your registration"

To log-in to MATC’s group subscription:

  1. Go to Magna Publications
  2. On the right side of the page, in the "Username or email address" box, enter your MATC Gmail address.
  3. Enter your password and select Login
  4. On the My Account page, select Join Team
  5. On the My Online Access page click the appropriate orange "Go to..." box for access. You will be taken to the dashboard for the institutional subscription. Scroll to search or locate the materials you wish to access or view.

If you get an error when using Create Account:

  1. Go to Magna’s Lost Password page
  2. Enter your email address then Reset Password
  3. Once the password has been reset, complete the registration process and log in

If you have any questions or need further assistance with your account, please contact Magna’s Customer Service staff at