Executive VP, Student Success

Dr. Naydeen Gonzalez-De Jesús

Dr. Gonzalez-DeJesusDr. Naydeen Gonzalez-De Jesús is the executive vice president, student success. She ensures collaborative strategy and implementation of initiatives to improve the entire student life cycle of education at MATC and beyond. She oversees the vice president, enrollment management; the vice president, learning; the vice president, retention and completion; the executive directors of the regional campuses; the ombudsperson; the director, Workforce Solutions; and the student Title IX coordinator.

Dr. Gonzalez-De Jesús’ previous roles include public diplomacy officer for the U.S. Embassy in Argentina; vice president of student affairs for Bergen Community College in New Jersey; associate dean, academic advising, and working with special populations at Rowan College at Burlington County in New Jersey; and assistant dean of student services, and founding member and director of the Center for Student Success at Salem Community College in New Jersey. She holds a bachelor’s degree in journalism from Penn State University, a master’s degree in student personnel services from Rowan University and a doctorate from Northcentral University in industrial/organizational psychology.

Areas of Leadership

Special Projects 

Bilingual Education and Training Instructional Transformation

Bilingual Education and Training Instructional Transformation (BEAT-IT) seeks to improve the engagement and academic success of Hispanic students, in particular Spanish & English speakers enrolled in bilingual modality delivery of online,virtual,hybrid,blended, hyflex courses. Through instructional transformation of bilingual courses, we seek to enhance the Hispanic Student experience. All the while, providing bilingual Spanish and English speakers with student services support, utilizing language-friendly communications and engaging students with programming that leads to academic success.

Activity 1 Instructional Transformation

  • Edit and review of Bilingual course descriptions to accurately describe instructional language delivery.
  • Create and expand Bilingual Spanish and English courses within the Pathways.

Activity 2 Faculty & Staff Training and Professional Development

  • Provide bilingual pedagogy training,and language acquisition practices.
  • Connect faculty to share promising support practices that promote student support.

Activity 3 Bilingual Education, HSI Lead faculty, and Educational Assistants

  • Provide support for Bilingual curriculum design.
  • Collaborate with the Center for Teaching Excellence to provide Bilingual professional development courses.
  • Facilitate communication on initiatives in the Academic Pathways, and faculty development.
  • Support faculty by providing information on best practices on bilingual education, curricula, and pedagogical resources.
  • Support new bilingual faculty participation in onboarding and coaching processes and developing or translating bilingual materials.

Activity 4 Bilingual Staff

  • Provide training to best serve bilingual students.
  • Provide bilingual students with academic support and best practices, i.e. navigating and understanding of the learning management system/Blackboard, Google documents, and related supporting technology to ensure bilingual students are learning and succeeding.

 SOMOS MATC meaning we are MATC.




SOMOS MATC is a culturally informed orientation in Spanish. SOMOS MATC is MATC's effort to engage students in a semester-long orientation workshops divided in three segments:



  1. Preview General Orientation (PGO)- The Preview General Orientation is a Spring 2022 semester event to welcome students to campus and give a broad introduction to the services offered to all MATC students across all pathways (financial aid, tutoring, student groups, etcetera).
  2. Monthly informative sessions: These monthly sessions cover useful topics for students as a way to remind them of what we covered in the PGO. This activity seeks to improve the Hispanic Student experience and helps students feel part of the campus community throughout the semester. Every 4th Thursday of the month.
  3. Pathway Orientation: The Pathway Orientation is a fall semester event that includes specific introductions to each pathway (in Spanish), allows students to understand what is available to them based on their specific program and to get to know the faculty and staff they’ll be interacting with throughout their academic journey.

These segments are aligned with the First Year Experience in mind. In addition, these activities serve to engage with our continuing students in providing awareness and encouraging the use of vital support systems available at the college. The main purpose of this virtual live modality is to provide and equip Hispanic students with support services that are critical to their success.The HSI Lead Faculty are involved in the programming progress for all SOMOS MATC workshops.

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Correctional Education (Second Chance Pell)

MATC was the first Wisconsin college to issue “Second Chance Pell Pilot Funding.” The program allows eligible incarcerated students, within five years of release, to receive Pell Grants to fund education that will prepare them for in-demand careers. Successful graduates become eligible for skilled jobs and a family-supporting wage.

Correctional Education - Second Chance Pell Grant

DACA / Commitment to Undocumented Students

As an institution committed to eliminating equity gaps so all students can succeed, MATC is unlocking access to family-sustaining careers and building the region’s workforce. Milwaukee Area Technical College supports efforts that provide a path toward citizenship and educational access for individuals who are undocumented.

Position Statement on MATC's Commitment to Undocumented Students

International Education (Study Abroad)

MATC focuses on offering short-term, credit-based, faculty-led programs that utilize summer or winter break. Each program is run by an instructor with a passion for international travel and global issues. Students can expect pre-departure orientation, coursework, cultural immersion and self-discovery.

International Education (Study Abroad)

STEM Mobile Lab

MATC’s mobile classroom provides STEM exploratory activities for grades 5 – 8. The learning opportunities are aligned with STEM careers in Advanced Manufacturing, Automation, Robotics and Mechatronics. 

Mobile STEM Lab

University Center (Center for University Partnerships and Studies)

Milwaukee Area Technical College students can now pursue a Lakeland University bachelor's degree at all four MATC campuses through MATC’s Center for University Partnerships and Studies, an innovative new educational access program.

Center for University Partnerships and Studies

Westown Green

Live within walking distance of MATC's Downtown Milwaukee Campus and the vibrant Deer District (home of the 2021 NBA Champion Milwaukee Bucks!) with easy access to transit, Pere Marquette Park, the Riverwalk and Milwaukee River, Marcus Performing Arts Center, 3rd Street Market Hall and more!    

Westown Green

Workforce Solutions

MATC’s Workforce Solutions recognizes that the professional development needs of every organization are unique. Our results oriented customized training programs increase employee productivity and improve your company’s ability to reduce costs and increase revenue.

MATC Workforce Solutions

HSI Lead Faculty

General Education & Manufacturing, Construction & Transportation Pathways

Email: martia7@matc.edu

SERVE Pathway

“As a proud Mexican and Milwaukee native, my dream was always to give back to my community. Being part of MATC-HSI has provided me with the opportunity to not only learn and collaborate with my colleagues, but also fulfill my dream and continue to innovate in my contributions to the community.”

Email: echevecm@matc.edu


Business & Management Pathway

Email: millicog@matc.edu


Healthcare Pathway

Email: silvab3@matc.edu


STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) Pathway

I am honored to serve as an HSI Lead Faculty. Not only is it rewarding to help grow opportunities for Latinx students, but it has also made me feel that I am part of the Hispanic community at MATC.

Email: neumannv@matc.edu


Creative Arts, Design & Media Pathway

"My name is Mariella Munoz-Godinez, I'm the instructor for MATC's TV and Video Production Program and a member of the Hispanic Serving Institution (HSI) lead Faculty team in the Creative Arts Design and Media Pathway Department. I'm fortunate to have been selected to be a part of the HSI Committee. Our college is working hard for MATC to be recognized as an institution that serves Hispanics because of its diversity and inclusion. We are all united in demonstrating remarkable progress in helping our Hispanic community achieve academic and professional success. Developing bilingual programs specifically for Hispanic students while providing wellness, financial resources, and more."

Email: godinezm@matc.edu



Email: pettersi@matc.edu


Cynthia Galvan MS Ed., MA
Advocacy Committee Chair for the Hispanic-Serving Institutions Network of Wisconsin (HSI-NOW).

cynthia_galvan.pngBilingual Education and Training Instructional Transformation (BEAT-IT) Grant Coordinator
is a key facilitator to assist Milwaukee Area Technical College (MATC) in moving forward with the Hispanic Service Institution Initiatives and academic Bilingual instructional transformation. The Academic Diversity Officer leads HSI academic initiatives and supports the Academic Pathways across campuses and departments by working with the HSI Faculty Leads and Pathway Deans.

"It is my desire to leave a legacy at MATC that empowers all students of color to become their best self, and advance the futures of Latinx students through social mobility to meet the needs of our ever changing community."


HSI Educational Assistant

The Bilingual HSI Educational Assistant is a key facilitator to assist Milwaukee Area Technical College (MATC) in moving forward with the Hispanic Service Institution Initiative. Therefore, the Educational Assistant supports the Academic Pathways across campus departments by sharing responsibilities with the HSI Faculty Leads to support bilingual students, faculty, and staff as well as to foster the college’s bilingual curricular and co-curricular programming.

hsi-co-chair-solano.pngDr. Maria Solano-Solano

“As an HSI Educational Assistant, I have found inspiration in supporting the development and improvement of key student services that help our Hispanic students achieve their academic and professional goals.”





HSI Student Ambassadors

Under the Bilingual Education and Training Instructional Transformation (BEAT-IT) activities, the HSI student ambassadors serve to enhance the on campus Hispanic Student Experience. The Hispanic Serving Initiatives (HSI) Student Ambassadors are fully bilingual Spanish and English speakers who work to retain students attending college. They also help students navigate MATC services and systems such as Blackboard, Google documents, MATC email and related supporting technology to ensure students are learning and succeeding.

HSI Student Ambassadors:

hsi_ambassador-felipe-beltran-velazquez.pngFelipe Beltrán
Business Management






hsi_ambassador-miguel-camacho.pngMiguel Camacho
Business Management






hsi_ambassador-maria-dominguez.pngMaría Dominguez
Medical Interpreter






hsi_ambassador-yulio-rodriguez.pngYulio Rodriguez






Dylan Ocampo-Gomez
Fire Protection Technician