Fall 2020



Ensure all students can succeed by delivering a personalized and holistic student experience 

Objective 1: Increase three-year graduation rates and transfer rates

Objective 2: Enhance student-centered onboarding experience to new students

Objective 3: Ensure availability and personal access to technological resources for students

Objective 4: Improve students’ experience with academic advising based on student data



Advance organizational agility and excellence in a culture of innovation and informed decision-making 

Objective 1: Improve decision-making processes at the college by following established frameworks

Objective 2: Build out an evaluation process within our improvement cycle (Plan-Do-Check-Adjust)

Objective 3: Build out an infrastructure, performance tracking, and evaluation system for the Strategic Priorities

Objective 4: Incorporate growth mindset strategies and established criteria to create a collegewide framework for innovation initiatives


Promote equitable outcomes for all students and employees by creating an inclusive and supportive college environment 

Objective 1:  Increase the percentage of faculty and nonfaculty who identify as racially diverse

Objective 2: Become a Hispanic-Serving Institution

Objective 3: Eliminate the equity gap in students completing their programs

Objective 4: Create a more inclusive and supportive college environment for students

Objective 5: Create a more inclusive and supportive college environment for employees  



Strengthen community impact as a catalyst and partner to create positive change 

Objective 1: Increase enrollment

Objective 2: Partner with leading local and national organizations advancing widespread, sustained community change

Objective 3: Strengthen services, build new capacities, and enhance connectivity with community partners to address student needs

Objective 4: Increase the donor base at the MATC Foundation Inc.

Objective 5: Broaden the reach of Milwaukee PBS educational programming