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Healthcare Services Management


Downtown Milwaukee Campus 


This program prepares you to demonstrate leadership skills, supervise support staff, and ensure that the healthcare facility’s workflow is running efficiently and according to prescribed quality standards. 

Career Outlook: Employers in healthcare systems seek individuals who can function in multiple capacities, so the demand for this profession continues to grow. Graduates may be employed in hospitals, outpatient departments, physicians’ offices, clinics, laboratories and long-term care facilities. 

Added Career Value: You can earn a Health Unit Coordinator diploma or Phlebotomy diploma on your way to completing this degree. 

Program Code: 10-530-3 

Start Date: August 

This program does not have a waitlist.
Students are admitted through a petition process.
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A criterion considered in the petition process is verification of student residency. Students selected via the petition process are chosen based on MATC district residency, then Wisconsin nondistrict residency, followed by nonresidents, unless otherwise stated. 

Special Admission Requirements: One year of high school-level biology and chemistry.

Detailed Program Information:
Fall 2014 – Spring 2015 Course Requirements

Healthcare Services Management AAS Program Card

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