M-Cubed Announces Milwaukee Direct Admit Program To Increase College Access

MPS students will be able to apply to both MATC and UWM through one online form at no cost

January 25, 2024

M3 Direct Admit

By sharing data better across MPS, MATC, and UWM, we are able to reduce steps from the application process. It's a win for students and for the region as we build a skilled and diverse talent pipeline.

Vicki J. Martin, Ph.D. MATC President

Through Milwaukee Direct Admit, high school juniors attending any MPS school can apply to Milwaukee’s two largest colleges in less than five minutes at no cost. By applying now, students will begin their journey to start college in Fall 2025.

Milwaukee Direct Admit is the latest initiative to come out of the M3 (pronounced M-Cubed) partnership, a collaboration among Milwaukee Public Schools (MPS), Milwaukee Area Technical College (MATC), and the University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee (UWM). This partnership works to transform the future of Milwaukee through education.

Milwaukee Direct Admit was announced by the M3 partnership during a press conference on January 25, 2024.

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“MPS works tirelessly to ensure students graduate with a plan for college and career readiness,” said MPS Superintendent Keith P. Posley. “The Milwaukee Direct Admit program will open doors for students by simplifying the application process. The pathway for students to enter MATC or UWM will now be clear and direct.” 

Through a streamlined online application, Milwaukee Direct Admit will connect a student’s MPS transcript directly to the schools of their choice. The application is free and does not require attachments, an essay, or letters of recommendation. This method will help students—especially first-generation college applicants—have better access to opportunities after graduation.

A student or family member will fill out a simple online form that needs only the student’s name and MPS student ID number. The applicant can choose to apply to MATC or UWM or both. Milwaukee Direct Admit is free and takes the stress out of applying for college. Students who apply are guaranteed acceptance to at least one of the schools they select.

"M3 Milwaukee Direct Admit is intended to break down barriers for students by making it easier to apply for college,” said MATC President Vicki Martin. “MATC is an open access college, and we want to streamline the process for completing applications with a simplified form. By sharing data better across MPS, MATC, and UWM, we are able to reduce steps from the application process. It's a win for students and for the region as we build a skilled and diverse talent pipeline." 

“Making it easier for MPS students to attend college is one of the most important things we can do to change the trajectory of their futures,” UWM Chancellor Mark Mone said. “Directly admitting MPS students to UWM and MATC will improve the lives and livelihoods of these students and their families. And when they graduate college and stay in Wisconsin, our employers, our economy, and our communities will all benefit from their success.”

Student who apply through Direct Admit will hear back from their selected schools in about one month, and will be notified of acceptance by September, 2024. Students are not locked in to attend either school. Accepted candidates must officially accept their offer and complete forms required by the school they choose to attend. Enrollment at MATC or UWM depends upon the student successfully graduating from high school in spring or summer of their senior year.

The application is open now—deadline is June 14, 2024.

Find out more about Direct Admit
Students can also contact their school counselor or College and Career Center staff.

About MATCWisconsin’s largest technical college and one of the most diverse two-year institutions in the Midwest, Milwaukee Area Technical College is a key driver of southeastern Wisconsin’s economy and has provided innovative education in the region since 1912. More than 30,000 students per year attend the college’s four campuses and community-based sites or learn online. MATC offers affordable and accessible education and training opportunities that empower and transform lives in the community. The college offers more than 180 academic programs — many that prepare students for jobs immediately upon completion and others that provide transfer options leading to bachelor’s degrees with more than 40 four-year colleges and universities. Overwhelmingly, MATC graduates build careers and businesses in southeastern Wisconsin. The college is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission.

About M³ (M-Cubed):  M³ seeks to transform the future of Milwaukee through education. Through collaboration, coordination and partnership, MPS, MATC, and UWM will increase the retention, graduation, and career success of our students and provide a prepared workforce and citizenry for the Wisconsin economy. M³ will also provide the education and resources to help drive an entrepreneurial mindset for all students to increase choices and opportunities for growth.