Dual Credit

It all starts with dual credit classes. By taking a dual credit class, you potentially earn both high school and college credit for that class, jumpstarting your college career and saving money on your future degree.

High school dual credit courses can be taken at no cost to the student. Save hundreds of dollars by having students enroll in a career pathway while in high school. There are many different options available to you with some big benefits!

The benefits of taking dual credit courses include:

  • Saving money in pursuit of your college degree.
  • Enabling you to potentially take fewer credits each semester when you’re in college.
  • Earning college credits toward an MATC certificate, technical diploma, associate
  • degree, or the potential of transferring to another college or university.
  • Experiencing college level coursework and learning how to navigate a syllabus,
  • college assignments, papers, and exams.
  • Experiencing Blackboard, an online learning management system.
  • Increasing the likelihood of pursuing a college education.

Dual Credit Options

Start College Now


If you're a high school junior or senior in good academic standing, you can earn credit toward a high school diploma as well as a technical college degree while attending classes at an MATC campus.


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Dual Enrollment Academy


Dual Enrollment Academy (DEA) participants receive college-level training to begin careers in high-demand fields. Throughout their senior year, DEA students earn high school and college credits while spending the majority of their school day at MATC.

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Transcripted Credit


Earn college credit with MATC courses that are delivered at your high school, duplicating competencies, curriculum, assessments and resources. Students can earn dual credit at the secondary and post-secondary level, but must earn a “C” or better to receive MATC credit.

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Certified Nursing Assistant Program


To become an entry-level bedside caregiver, you will learn basic nursing skills and procedures to assist others with their daily living activities and specialized care needs.


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M3 College Connections Program


The M3 College Connections program is an innovative dual-enrollment program that allows eligible students to complete their high school graduation requirements while earning college credits at no expense to the student.  

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Credit for Prior Learning & Experiences


Credit for Prior Learning provides students a range of options to earn college credit for what they already know.



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Career Exploration

Middle School / High School Students

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