Start College Now

Start College Now


Start College Now provides greater learning opportunities for qualified high school juniors and seniors. If you wish to begin college early, or want to prepare to enter the workforce immediately after high school graduation, you will be interested in Start College Now.

 This program will allow students the opportunity to take post-secondary (college courses) at MATC during the regular academic year. Students do not pay for these classes if your high school board determines the classes are not comparable to classes offered by the high school. If approved by the high school board, the student will receive both high school and post-secondary credit for successfully completed classes.


Start College Now program is available to public high school students in grades 11 and 12 who meet the following requirements:

  • Have completed the 10th grade.
  • Are in good academic standing and have no disciplinary/enrollment issues.
  • Apply to their local school board by March 1 for the fall semester and October 1 for the spring semester.


1 - Meet with your high school counselor to discuss your career plans and determine if enrolling in college courses through the Start College Now program is right for you.

2 - To apply for the program, students should complete the program application and submit it to the local school board by the required due date.

3 - Once the application is approved by the local school board and forwarded to the MATC, the student will be informed of the process for registration at orientation.. In order to register for a requested course, the student must meet course requirements, prerequisites, and there must be space available in the course at the time of registration request (registration form).


You will find many choices available online and at all four MATC campuses - Oak Creek, West Allis, Downtown Milwaukee and Mequon.  Any Associate Degree, Technical Diploma and Certificate courses may be taken through Start College Now, as long as all prerequisite, corequisite, program and petition requirements are met. Below are some of the most common classes high school students take through Start College Now. You can find the full list of MATC classes through our online Course Catalog via MATC Self Service (link).

Business and IT classes:
BADM-134-Business, Organization & Management- 3 credits
ITDEV-117-Logic and Problem Solving-3 credits
ITNET-110-Manage Windows Desktop Client Operating System- 3 credits
ITSUP-101-Computer Information-3 credits
ITSUP-102-CompTIA A+ Essentials-3 credits
MKTG-102-Marketing Principles, 3 credits
RLEST-180-Principles of Real Estate- 3 credits
RLEST-182-Real Estate Law- 3 credits

Creative and Human Services classes:
AUDIO-100-Introduction to Audio Software-1 credit
ANIM-101-Basic Drawing for Animators- 3 credits
BAKING/CULINARY: If you are interested in starting the Culinary or Baking program, talk with a Dual Enrollment Specialist.
BARBERING/COSMETOLOGY:  If you are interested in Barbering, Cosmetology, or Nail Technician classes, talk with a Dual Enrollment Specialist.
CHILDD-148-Early Childhood Education: Foundations of Early Child Education- 3 credits
CHILDD-179-Early Childhood Education: Child Development-3 credits
ENVHEL 101 - Introduction to Environmental Health and Water Quality - 3 credits  (fall only)
ENVHEL 102 - Environmental Biology -4 credits (fall only)
ENVHEL 109 - Applied Environmental Chemistry - 4 credits (fall only)
ENVHEL 142 - Principles of Water Resources - 3 credits (spring only)
ENVHEL 145 - Water/Wastewater Operations - 3 credits (spring only)
ENVHEL 173 - Environmental Bacteriology - 3 credits (spring only)
GRDS-107-Digital Imagining: Adobe- 3 credits
INTP-126: American Sign Language 1 - 3 credits
MUSIC-148-Music Fundamentals- 2 credits
POLICE-900-Intro to Criminal Justice- 3 credits
POLICE-901-Constitutional Law - 3 credits

Healthcare classes:
BIOSCI 700: Anatomy & Physiology Prep -1 credit
DENTAL ASST: If you are interested in starting the Dental Assistant program, talk with a Dual Enrollment Specialist.
DENTAL TECHNICIAN: If you are interested in starting the Dental Technician program, talk with a Dual Enrollment Specialist.
EMS-192-Emergency Medical Technician- 5 credits
ENHANCED YOGA INSTRUCTOR: If you are interested in starting the Enhanced Yoga Instructor program, talk with a Dual Enrollment Specialist.
HEALTH-101-Medical Terminology- 3 credits
HEALTH-104-Culture of Healthcare- 2 credits
HEALTH-107-Digital Literacy for Healthcare- 2 credits
NRSNA-300-Nursing Assistant- 3 credits
PHLEBOTOMY: If you are interested in starting the Phlebotomy program, talk with a Dual Enrollment Specialist.

General Education classes:
ART-201-Understanding Art- 3 credits
ENG-195-Written Communication- 3 credits
ENG-196-Oral/Interpersonal Communication-3 credits
ENG-201-English 1- 3 credits
ENG-340-Workplace Communication-2 credits
BIOSCI-201-Anatomy & Physiology-4 credits
CHEM-207-General Chemistry- 4 credits
MATH-200-Intermediate Algebra-4 credits
MATH-201-College Algebra-4 credits
MATH-230-College Algebra & Trigonometry-5 credits
MATH-231-Analytic Geometry & Calculus 1-5 credits
MATH-260-Basic Statistics-3 credits
PSYCH-231-Introductory Psychology- 3 credits
PSYCH-238-Lifespan Psychology- 3 credits
SOCSCI-203-Intro to Sociology- 3 credits
SOCSCI-217-Valuing Diversity-3 credits
SPEECH-201-Elements of Speech- 3 credits

Manufacturing, Construction, Transportation classes:
AUTO1-300-Express Service- 2 credits
OTHER AUTO CLASSES: If you are interested in starting the Automotive Maintenance program, talk with a Dual Enrollment Specialist.
ELECTRICITY:  If you are interested in starting the Electricity Diploma program, talk with a Dual Enrollment Specialist.
WELD-300-Fundamentals of Arc Welding-2 credits
WELD-301-General Arc Welding-2 credits
WELD-302-Specialized Arc Welding-2 credits
WELD-305-Fundamentals of Oxyfuel Welding-1 credit

Looking for more? If you’re interested in a class or subject area you don’t see listed, talk to a Dual Enrollment Specialist to see what’s possible.


Students with questions about which classes to list on their Start College Now application can reach out to the Dual Enrollment Specialist for their high school’s region. Approved applications and any counselor questions can also be directed to the Dual Enrollment Specialist. 

Applications or questions from students outside the MATC region can be sent to: